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    Catering Manager sacked for telling Passengers the truth

    What a disgraceful state of affairs East Coast is in by firing this poor guy. He should be reinstated immediately.
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    Purchasing Chiltern Tickets

    Whilst the blockade looks like continuing between Leamington and Banbury for sometime, if I bought a Chiltern ticket from Brum to Marylebone can I use it anytime on Virgin or are there restrictions on that route? The last thing I want to do is spend 3 -4 hours trying to get to the capital via...
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    'Ditch unreliable expensive trains' - Flybe

    An interesting article from the Western Morning News, but Haven't FlyBe been there before with their advertising stunts? However with train fares on the rise we have yet to see...
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    New lighting on platforms to help tackle the rise in suicides

    Interesing article even by DM standards.
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    Fatality at Langley Green

    The line between Birmingham Snow Hill and Kidderminster is currently closed due to a 'train hitting a person' Respects to his family.
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    Sir John Betjeman

    Lets not forget the 30th anniversary of this great poet's death by celebrating his love for the railways. This article taken from 'The telegraph' just demonstrates his true love for the railway. The whole article can be found here:
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    Congratulations S&C

    So 25 years ago BR wanted to close this famous historic line. Thank goodness the support groups won and the line today is a clear winner for all concerned. My congratulations and heart y thanks go to all concerned for keeping this little bit of England up and running so future generations can...
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    Dartmoor Mk2s

    Sky are continually reporting from Dawlish and one of the news items came from Okehampton station. In the background there were a rake of green Mk2d coaches. What are they used for?
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    Plane v train at Birmingham Int

    What happened here I wonder to cause trains being halted outside Birmingham International? I do hate that excuse 'operational' reasons.
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    Train delays - cow on the line

    I thought that excuse was used in days gone by, but apparently not!
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    The Cathedral's Express - How did Tornado not set off the fire alarms?

    How did Tornado manage to go through Birmingham New St non stop without setting all the fire alarms off? Must have been a sight as it sailed past platform 5!
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    Edinburgh Princes Street

    In 1960 as a 10 year old I remember taking a sleeper train from Edinburgh Princes Street to Birmingham via the West Coast main line. If anyone is still alive do you remember the route the train would have taken from Edinburgh via Carlisle? Maybe the Waverly Line? I'm pretty sure the train had...
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    Line side fires

    With all the storms we've had recently and the promise of more rain to come what are the chances of steam trains returning to a normal schedule as advertised from the operators?
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    Overcrowed Trains on ECML last Friday

    What went on on Friday night? is this normal for the ECML...
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    Well done TOC's & network Rail

    Hearty congratulations go out to TOC's and Network Rail for keeping the West Midland's trains running normally when there has been the worst snow fall recorded for years in this region. Usually when there is a flake or two of snow the rail system grinds to a halt. But not yesterday...
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    Sky on demand

    The latest Sky ad for movies on demand shows 4464 Bittern. Anyone have a guess on how the ad was shot? The real thing or a model?
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    Selfish trainspotters

    Whilst waiting for a railtour to pass my local station yesterday, I came across a group of spotters who had obviously 'camped out' and stood on what they thought was their best spot to video the passing train. Just before the train arrived 2 guys came and stood in front of these other guys and...
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    The end of signal boxes

    Network Rail will have their work cut out in the Worcester area. I don't think there is a single light to be seen!
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    Signals and codes on departure

    Just before a train departs I've seen signs and letters along with a green signal. For example what does 'off' mean? There are often other single letters that go with the off sign. Without wishing to sound stupid what do they all mean?
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    Mrs Biggs coming soon...............

    I'm trying to work out what loco is used in the preview of this drama that's about to be shown on ITV 1. My guess is a 67. Any other ideas?