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    Welsh automated announcements

    Just wondering if somebody has a copy of the Welsh Automated Announcements I roughly know what they mean, "Platfform Pedwar .......amserlau ......Trenau Arriva Cymru ac Llundain Paddington etc, i'm just not native Welsh and would be good to know exactly what they are saying
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    Percentage of stations still extant

    Okay, new to the forum, Hi guys, hope i can word this right. Which TOC has the highest percentage of intact stations on it's routes? It used to be Island Line before they were merged, as they had 100% of the stations still open on their route (in fact 2 were opened while they were in power...
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    Track Layout Diagrams (SR)

    Hi, am trying to find all the Track Layout Diagrams of the Southern Railway etc etc etc, only i'm not sure how far they got in the series, i've got 7, it's implied there is at least 10, but that would only cover the LSWR not the LCDR or the LBSCR, anyone know of somewhere that'd show me? I...