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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    No clue :lol: But 'Error Checking' and 'Error Checking - Copy' were identical - same questions, same errors, but the groups of 5 did come in a different order. So, your guess is as good as mine... :lol:
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    LNER Trainee Driver Jobs

    Wow, what a rollercoaster of a few days this has been! I knew I wasn't that bad at the SJT, having recently reached the DMI stage with another TOC - didn't stop me applying 4 times with 4 different email addresses though (can anyone beat that score? :lol:) But, I've just completed the 3...
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    Trainee Train Driver- Newcastle - East Coast Trains

    Well, I've just submitted my application, and done the two online tests too. I received the rejection from TransPennine Express two weeks ago, after I passed both sets of psychometric tests with the OPC, which might give me an advantage with this application. I do wonder though - in the...
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    TPE trainee drivers

    This is generally true. However, when I sat my Stage 2 assessments around 3 weeks ago with TPE, there were 6 candidates and only 3 computers available on the day. So 3 people sat the computer tests, 2 people sat around doing nothing for an hour, and I had my MMI before I completed any computer...
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    Group Bourdon - Notes on a Pass

    Hi all, Thanks for the great info, much obliged. Quick question - do you get given a practice sheet before the real test, to familiarise yourself with the format? Or are you thrown straight into it, as it were? Thanks in advance
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Afternoon all, With regards to the free travel on TPE trains for the assessment day, on my 'Assessment Centre Detail' page it says the following: "Authority to Travel with TransPennine Express This letter confirms that you are authorised to travel Standard Class on TPE services on the date...
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Howdy, I'm pretty sure it started at 6:00 (six minutes) and was counting down as the test progressed. Personally, just before I clicked 'Submit' on the final question, my timer was showing 2:57, and my resuts showed that I had taken 3:07 to complete the test. Hope this helps.
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    Trainee driver roles DB Cargo Perterlee and Dollands Moor

    Wow! Did anyone proof-read the 'Perterlee' posting? Assuming they mean 'Peterlee', then it's not in Northumberland, for a start. Some select quotes: "In return we offer our employee’s an excellent benefits package" "Hold a GCSE grade C or above in Math’s and English" The description for the...