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  1. ole man

    Euro Cargo 9720

    Seen Euro Cargo 9720 On the m1 near Leicester on a low loader does anybody know where it came from and why?
  2. ole man

    Priority freight paths

    Was told other day from a driver that certain freight gets priority paths over passenger services, incl virgin. These I believe are called Red freight. At Lichfield a freight came down the line from Alrewas and crossed all tracks, causing two LM and two Virgin services to be held at red. Can...
  3. ole man

    ERTMS Query

    Got a question regarding ERTMS. This will get rid of Lineside signalling system's and have cab signalling, but i was wondering when taking line blockages and using signals for protection what will happen then? At the moment all COSS use signals for protection and or place stop boards and...
  4. ole man

    Ole structures prefixes

    Heard a story that the ole structures got there letter prefixes from London in a clockwise order. I know where E F G are,where are A,B,C and D?. J is out of Paddington and is the most western so maybe there might be some truth in the story. All the other structures around the country have...
  5. ole man

    Paisley Canal Electrication

    Can somebody give me a answer to what type of electrification is going up on the Paisley canel route? Freightliner are asking Network Rail for compensation because there loco's and wagons will not be able to use the line when it gets wired up, why is this?. What are the height differences...
  6. ole man

    Destination screens: Anybody do better?

    . The picture at Paddington doesn't count
  7. ole man

    Carling advert

    Does anybody know what station the in the carling adverts is? My guess is Paddington, platform 11, the cantilever in the picture looks familar
  8. ole man

    Skipton Signal

    The other day i watched a 66 run around its train and go down the Rylstone branch this happened every day around 14:00, the signal shown the letter B, what does this mean?
  9. ole man

    Birmingham Viaduct

    From google maps there is a half-built viaduct between Bordesley and Birmingham Moor Street, was it ever used to stable engines?.And where was it meant to join to?
  10. ole man

    Driver Stan Martin HST

    Noticed a FGW 43 at Paddington last night with the name Driver Stan Martin 1950-2004 on the side, who was he, and how did he get a loco named after him?
  11. ole man

    Aylesbury line closed

    Anybody know why the Aylesbury - Aylesbury Vale Parkway was closed today?. It said emergency engineering work....
  12. ole man

    Calvert Bin Train

    How often does the Calvert Bin Train run? and where does it come from. What engine and freight company runs it
  13. ole man

    Where is the station?

    Just seen a advert for Safestore and a East Coast train went through a station or location at speed, anybody know where it is?. Think this the link, though im not very good at posting links..
  14. ole man

    Paddington signalling arrangements

    Could anybody answer me this? Last night at Royal Oak a FGW train went through a red aspect, i know this as i was watching it and waiting for it to stop, whilst it did slow down the signal never changed aspect from red. Is there special working arrangements going on? the signal gantry is...
  15. ole man

    Mystery tunnel at Westbournbe Park

    Last night i spotted a mystery tunnel at the Westbourne park OHLE depot, does anybody know what and where this tunnel went and when was it closed?
  16. ole man

    Norton Bridge and Stafford

    The plans for the upgrades at Norton Bridge and Stafford are at GRIP4 stage, i have seen the layouts and plans, Norton Bridge will be a huge civil engineering feat and Stafford has come as a big surprise no flyover or tunnel
  17. ole man

    Paddington OHLE

    Just wondering when Paddington was wired why wasn't Platforms 1-4 wired?. When Crossrail takes over line 6 for there turnback, Paddington will lose a line so it would make sense then to wire platforms 1-4. And i can't imagine that FCC or Hex Ex or Heathrow connect will be happy at losing a line
  18. ole man

    Basford Hall tunnel

    I asked this a few months ago but got no replies!!!. There was a tunnel that linked the WCML to the Stoke line from the south at Basford Hall does anybody have pictures of this and any information?
  19. ole man

    Train driver stories

    Does anybody know of any good books that tell the stories of Train drivers or firemen doesnt have to from the steam era?.
  20. ole man

    Colwich Crash

    I know it s a morbid subject but what happened to the two locomotives involved in the crash, 86211 and 86429?.Where they damaged beyond repair?