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    Class 66 on the East Suffolk

    There is engineering work coming up between Brundall and Lowestoft later this month. I suspect some or all of the engineering trains will use the East Suffolk Line to and from site.
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    A "mask-free" hour for shops?

    None of this halfass measure please. Either it's safe to not wear masks or is not.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    Where/who has said that?
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    How much would you pay for your training ?

    Not sure why all this talk of other industries. Just because someone somewhere else is dong it doesn't mean we have to chase them.
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    Train shunter

    18 to be a shunter. 18 also to be a shunter-driver *off network. *There are also some places were you can drive on Network Rail infrastructure and not have to be 21 or hold a valid psychometric.
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    Did you pay to have your old appliance taken away?

    Companies have no legal obligation to take away your old appliances. Where they do take them away as part of a service they are obligated to dispose of them correctly at dedicated recycling centers. All consumers are also required to pay the WEEE charge ( waste electrical and electronic...
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    Alsager level crossing closed for 12 weeks

    The initial 12 week time frame was for a boom and pedestal to be made and delivered to site if one wasn't found locally/nationally. Think they found a pedestal somewhere but don't know the situation with the boom.
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    Welshpool crossing crash

    That won't happen anymore than he would launch nuclear missiles off his own back.
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    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    It was sewer/drainage work this weekend. On another note, I heard rumors yesterday that the remodeling has been postponed untill next year.
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    Should train companies be allowed to say "essential travel only" now Government allows travel to undertake activities permitted in the guidance?

    I agree. The TOCs should be free to say only travel if its essential if they want, but I don't think it should actually be enforced. For a start its not up to them to determine what's essential but its also no different when there are weather warnings in place and the police say only travel if...
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    Yellow Hand Signal?

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    Yellow Hand Signal?

    Just a quick one. A yellow hand signal is used for authority to pass a signal at danger. Question, do you also get verbal authority to go along with it or purely just the yellow hand signal?
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    GBRf Rail Operator

    yes they do.
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    Mobile Operations Manager (MOM)

    Prior signalling experience is not an absolute necessity. We had a guy leave last year who was a shunter and then standards manager who is now a mom.
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    If they have been taken off the air or streaming services due to political interventions/opinions/pressure then yes they have been banned. The fact you can still obtain them from other sources doesn’t change that.
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    With all these tv shows now being banned or taken off the air, will we see the same for the dross that is ”White Chicks”. Or is that acceptable because it’s making fun of white people?
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    Braking issue on Caledonian Sleeper causes train to "run away" at Edinburgh

    Um, I think there are more serious concerns to be honest.
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    Liverpool Street Disruption

    More overhead line damage.
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    GDPR The OPC

    I am almost positive there will be some form of exemption within the GDPR regulations to cover the above.