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    GWR DMI Plymouth

    They still need to fill other jobs, which are of a higher priority in the grand scheme of things. Obviously driver training is a high priority, but there’s loads of us in the pipeline for it not to matter so much if they hold off on recruitment, after all, no point pencilling in more courses...
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    Driver Medical

    Did you join solely to comment on this/troll? :D I don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all.
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    Driver Medical

    I think this is the most up to date one. The medical fitness will need to be maintained at each periodic medical, although there’s generally an element of discretion with certain items. Distance vision would probably fall in to this category as long as you can maintain the relevant standard of...
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    Avanti and XC Salaries

    Probably T&Cs have a lot to do with it. I’m not sure on the specifics, but some TOCs may have sold some of the decent conditions other TOCs have for a higher salary.
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    You will need to do psychometric assessments (the OPC usually carry these out, although some TOCs do them internally), unless you have either already passed them and the results are still current, or you are coming from another driving grade job such as depot driver, where you’d have taken and...
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    I agree, and I also agree with this being taken seriously, wand that was the point of the trial. However, there’s a trial and there’s a trial, and this has dragged out a bit. What if there is a second wave before we pass out (I say “if” because my glass is always half full, though I appreciate...
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    Worth pointing out that not all trainees are sat at home on full pay. I’ve never been a fan of trade unions from a personal point of view and I certainly don’t have to explain my reasons to someone on the internet. I pay for a service at the end of the day. I do however appreciate what they’ve...
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    When I was assessed for Freightliner I had to only do the tests that required the enhanced pass that that I hadn’t done before with SWT, one of which was the Group Bourden (the others either didn’t require enhanced passes or I already met that standard when I did them for SWT, although they...
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    Career change

    To echo what @PringlePopper1 said, you won’t regret it. I was on the railway for another TOC before making the leap, and although this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan, I’m glad I did it. I always told myself I’d not be one of those people who moan about their work and do nothing about it. I...
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    I was under the impression all companies who use enhanced testing use the VSE? Must be that it’s only TOCs/FOCs that test to enhanced standards that use it, but not all of said TOCs HAVE to use it. That being the case, you are correct. It doesn’t take an enhanced life as such, but the VSE has...
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    Yes, it uses a life for a TOC or FOC who uses the VSE. These are TOCs or FOCs who assess to the enhanced standard. I think we spoke about this in another thread yesterday? I find it strange that it does in fact use a life, when the test is done at home and may not even be completed by the...
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    The trial has been done and dusted and deemed a success, it’s not just up to specific TOCs/FOCs to get their staff back in. Most seem to have this underway, but we are having another trial of our own which should be concluded mid August.
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    I know it’s not just trainees, must be a nightmare for those as you say, route learning etc too.
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    I agree that it seems like the union are kicking off for the sake of it, which does seem the norm these days. It does seem at times that we’re overlooked as trainees and they’re not taking our interests on board. We pay our subs too, so the unions should also take our interests in to account.
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    New starter - Covid-19 impact on employment

    I’d have been happy to return a couple of months ago. I’d have been happy to continue throughout, but I appreciate why that wasn’t possible. I think there’s being cautious, and there’s being over cautious. Especially when the country has all but ‘opened up’ again fully.
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    Driver Medical - Weight & BMI

    Judging by your BMI, I’m roughly the same weight as you now. My BMI when I had my medical last year for GWR was 32.7. The limit for GWR is BMI of 33, although there’s probably an amount of discretion given to the physician in relation to this if the candidate is generally healthy. I’m mobile and...
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    Trainee Train Driver- Newcastle - East Coast Trains

    Not necessarily for everybody who applied though as some may be internal to the company, or come from another TOC where they were depot drivers for example. They’d still have to start as a trainee. Unless of course you know everybody who has been offered a job, in which case I’ll eat my hat :D
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    Trainee Driver - Freightliner

    Sorry to hear mate. Loads of people don’t make it on their first attempt (I don’t like to use the word ‘fail’). You’re certainly not a div :D I was sure o failed first time as I lost some time as my phone rang (which was connected to my computer.....although on silent it still rang on the...
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    On board services course

    Hi Gary, So you have completed (presumably) the majority of your training, and you don’t know what’s to be expected from you next assessment? Surely your trainers are best placed to answer that? I’d imagine it varies from TOC to TOC as to what this entails, or indeed if they’re even called the...
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    Rail Replacement Buses for Staff Travel

    As long as when you joined it was actually part of the job. There are a few reasons why this is quite bizarre to be honest, not least because of the potential for incidents whilst driving the bus, and whilst carrying out normal railway duties (fatigue would play a massive part of imagine?).