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    Clan Line

    Clan Line running in Golden Arrow regalia tomorrow
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    Mainline stations without road access

    I wanted to put Longcross went there one evening to watch steam special , ended up late and dark very Lonely creepy station. If you look at it google earth thats my picture.
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    group bourdon

    oh failed to find the sub forum to. passed all the other tests inculding scaats which seems very simlar found the dots hard on the the eyes.
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    group bourdon

    group bourdon what load **** how does prove a good train driver?
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    Heathrow Express recruiting

    What sort of tests did you have todo --- old post above --- --- new post below --- What sort tests did you have to do
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    Earth Moving Trains

    Thankyou General Zod now i know
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    Earth Moving Trains

    Powerday Plc Waste & Recycling Centre (Old Oak Sidings, off Scrubs Lane, London NW10) fill gravel trains with earth for landfill. Does any one know where they go to be unloaded?
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    Theale UL

    Ah thank you . Its just 35028 Clan line is watering at Theale UL on Wednesday I was thinking of going there to watch. Does anyone know if it’s a good place to watch.
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    Theale UL

    What does the UL in Theale UL stand for
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    I took the video. couldnt get any closer both platforms packed and at Finsbury park