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    To recline or not to recline on planes....

    Hmmmm, never mind the poor person behind errr? Smacks of "I'm alright Jack". Other people pay their fare too. I notice its only the arrogant of sorts who will recline their seat. Can spot them a mile off. The last few flights I've been on and people seem to be realising that its offensive to...
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    Tyne n Wear Metro strike!

    Hell no. The "Boss" has spoken. Just take a "Wrecking Ball" to the Metro!
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    Arriva King Long Demonstrator?

    I would rather Arriva purchased British built products for the UK fleets. We need to support British industry.....surely?
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    Entire Merseyrail fleet to be replaced

    Without letting the cat out of the bag too much, the replacement stock is, or was planned to be more typical Urban "Metro" specification type rail units as opposed to current to "heavy rail" units. I expect Alsthom and similar will be amongst the runners....
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    George Galloway wins a by-election

    Highlights everything wrong in this country.
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    The United States Thread

    You MUST go there. Its a great City. Was there in 2006 and enjoyed every minute of it. Make sure you go to Alcatraz and book the last tour of the day. Its a great view watching San Francisco Bay lighting up on the evening and feeling the ambience of the Cell Blocks getting dark and the dim...
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    Prescription Charges up to £7.65

    How is this allowed to happen? I've always wondered? Its a bone of contention with me. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be forced to pay like England.
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    New York City Buses

    Thats a bit of an unfair comment? I wonder if you have visited USA? If you do, you will find a very high percentage of low floor vehicles, included with higher technology the UK can only dream of at present. Check out products from NABI/New Flyer/Eldorado/Gillig and you will see that you can get...
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    London 2012 Olympics - love it or hate it?

    Not for the London Hotel's doubling, trippling their rates for the Olympic's. Food vendors doing the same. Not to mention many other ways the visitor will be scammed by our Rip Off Britain tactics. Traders will use it as a gift horse for a captive market and the poor visitor will just take it as...
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    Pacers off the rails

    Its a shame there is a lot of negativity about Pacer's. They have done a pretty good job in their lifetime and the ride quality is not that bad. I will be sad to see them go actually. Would love to see the Weardale and Wensleydale Railways get some when available.