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    Sweden introduces new guidelines for people who have tested positive for antibodies

    New guidelines were published by the Public Health Authority of Sweden yesterday. They state that based on current knowledge, a positive antibody test most likely means that the person is protected from reinfection for up to six months from the date of receiving the test result. Under the new...
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    Sweden railrovers summer 2020

    Two railrover-type tickets have been announced for Sweden this summer. The first is from the national operator, SJ, and is a " Tågluffarkort", which is now available to all ages, after a youth version was trialled last summer. It costs SEK 3295 (approx £280) for 15 days' continuous travel and...
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    Translator / barrier coaches - what's inside them?

    We see quite a few of these knocking around, some used more often than others, but what's actually inside them? Many have the former windows covered, but not always all of them and most seem to have operational doors. Here's a photo I found of one with its doors open and there's evidently...
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    Paris - Toulouse / Rodez night trains - gone?

    Was looking to book the night train from Paris to Toulouse, but after the first week in October I can't find any in SNCF's booking engine or on DB planner. Same for the train to Rodez. Are they being withdrawn?
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    The Professionals TV series and railway scenes/carriages

    Many of you will be familiar with TV series The Professionals, of Bodie and Doyle fame. One of its legacies has been to provide some wonderful outdoor scenes of London and around from 1977-1983. Some include good railway shots - a notable one is Paddington station in the episode "Rogue". I am...
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    Train stabling sidings for Scarborough

    According to TPE, a new train servicing depot is to be built in Scarborough, with construction beginning next month: Anyone know where the depot will...
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    Woolwich Arsenal to Cambridge - valid via DLR?

    An anytime day return from Woolwich Arsenal to Cambridge costs £36.30 An anytime day return from King's Cross to Cambridge costs £35.80. Therefore for travelling from Woolwich Arsenal to Cambridge, the first fare is the obvious choice. But can I simply use the DLR to commence my journey...
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    Bordeaux - Biarritz, winter timetable?

    Am looking at getting to Biarritz via a flight to Bordeaux in January (just part of a fairly complicated journey but suffice to say I need to fly into Paris CDG). I can of course already book flight tickets (a very good connection at CDG, arrive in Bordeaux around 11am), but of course, train...
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    Scarborough to London, once a week direct train - report

    I've been wanting to do this for some time and finally a suitable opportunity turned up for July 9. A little bit of background: direct trains between Scarborough and London have existed in various guises down the years, mostly on summer Saturdays, memorably for many as the named 'Scarborough...
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    56009 - still alive

    I was very surprised to see in Railways Illustrated that 56009 still exists and is owned by UK Rail Leasing. This loco, which I believe is more or less an empty shell, was at Brush Traction for many years as a "test bed". I thought it has been scrapped at Booths but apparently it was...
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    What are these trains pathed for Scarborough? I take it these are trains that do not normally actually run? Or? Thanks in advance.
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    Yorkshire Coast Day Ranger, 19/12/13

    I haven't done anything like this for many years - but now the opportunity presented itself. I realised that down the years I've somewhat neglected the Scarborough-Hull line. Yet it's a real survivor - and what's more it's a line with a lot of worthwhile places to visit. The Yorkshire Coast...
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    Scarborough in the late 1970s/early 1980s

    I grew up with BR blue. The late 1970s was a time of “standardisation” – yet looking back, the variety of locos and stock that visited Scarborough was positively exotic compared with today. Yet in fact, the writing was already on the wall. The older enthusiasts bemoaned that it was nothing...
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    Train cleaner drives Stockholm train into house

    In an accident at 2.30am, a train on the Saltsjöbanan local line in Stockholm barrelled through the buffers at the Salsjöbaden terminus and into an apartment building. It is believed the driver was a cleaner. She was the only person injured (seriously) in the crash. The train would have had...
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    56 009/201

    I wonder what the fate will be for this oddity, which was withdrawn way back in 1996 and moved to to Brush Traction in Loughborough for use as a test bed for refurbished Class 56 power units, and renumbered from 56 009 to 56 201. I don't know when it was last used for this purpose? It's been...
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    Amsterdam-Copenhagen night train trip report

    I'd wanted to do this for some time, as it's an overnight service with an early departure and late arrival, allowing for maximum enjoyment of the journey. In this case, a Saturday departure meant an even later arrival at Copenhagen, 10.54 rather than 10.07 (presumably engineering works...
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    London-Bushey (zone 5, LM)

    Hi - just puzzling on if I travel London Euston to Bushey (on a Saturday), is this covered by Oyster card/one day travelcard (zone 1-6) if travelling with London Midland's service (to Tring)? Not a route I have used before and I'm not sure of the situation with Oysters and travelcards on...
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    Veolia now runs Malmö-Berlin

    Old news (announced in November) but I just discovered this: that Veolia have taken over from SJ running the Malmö-Berlin spring-autumn night train. No problem, but sadly the trains seem to be composed solely of 6-berth couchettes. No proper sleeper berths. At £235 for a couchette compartment...
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    Denton and Reddish South

    Both these stations are notorious for the once a week "ghost train" service. Both are in urban, well-populated areas and would surely attract passengers? Both have considerable support from "friends" groups, raising the above issue. Both stations are in good condition, and reading the...
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    Where are Hull Trains and Grand Central on Saturday April 7?

    Maybe I am missing something, but I don't seem to be able to find any Grand Central Services from London to York after the 07.48, or any Hull Trains services at all (London-Hull), on Saturday April 7 (Easter Saturday). Where are they? Thanks.