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    Station association

    Portsmouth Harbour is another terminus station with Harbour in its name also served by electric traction
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    Station association

    musselburgh has also been served by an ex virgin class 90 and dvt set
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    Station association

    Southend Victoria ia another terminus station with Victoria in the name
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    Station association

    Lympstone Commando is another unstaffed station served by pacer units
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    Station association

    Stourbridge Junction the only other Network Rail Station to be served by a class 139
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    Station association

    Cardiff Bay another station with bay in the name
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    Imberhorne cutting any photos?

    a photo before it reached east grinstead
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    Purbeck Explorer 2 Mileage

    Hi I did this on Sunday from Swanage to Wareham. Does anyone have the mileage for this journey? Many thanks in advance
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Mid-Hants Railway)

    Thanks for that sprinterguy. forgot about wikipedia
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Mid-Hants Railway)

    On Monday I managed a ride No. 1 Thomas loco (usually based at the Mid-Hants railway). It got some suprised looks from cars passing by. But the main point of my question is what was the locomotives original number before it was converted. This lived out all my childhood dreams. shame no Annie...
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    sorry my mistake when I was typing it and didn't realise even after re-reading it. should be as you guys have spotted over 2 years. Also likewise I assume the 2 years will be from the franchise start
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Also FGW eventually putting the class 68 on the Sleeper to replace the 57's. Apparently its part of the franchise committment to have nothing hauling the sleeper under 2 years old.
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    Voyager and DRS through Preston today

    A couple of photos here I took of it at Central Rivers I had it dragged round there by 57302 and the 08 as part of the PLEG event there a few years ago. Luckily had it for haulage as a 4 car and a...
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    Heathrow Airport Secret Platforms

    Watched this video on Youtube yesterday and was wondering where these "Secret platforms" are too. I assume the branch it shows is the cross over outside terminal 5 where the train crosses to use the normal platform as opposed to the one used by Heathrow Connect to stable in between runs. Many...
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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    I was wondering if someone is able to help me. I passed Tysley on Saturday 22/02/2014 and saw a variety of heritage dmu units including a Railtrack liveried one Is anyone able to help me with the unit numbers on what is in this row of units. Many thanks in advance
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    pts add gumtree

    I just happened to chance on reading your original question and googled it. You could change the title that could help. But they seem to have paid for a domain and have a landline number as opposed to a mobile, nut prob well worth a visit if not to check out the facillities they offer and talk...
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    pts add gumtree

    They seem to have a website and own a domain for it at you can always contact them if you live locally and ask if they will give you a look round or even contact network rail or london underground to see if they recognise their qualification ect...
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    FGW sleeper service

    The routing can not only be dictated by engineering works, but also due to crew route refreshing. Especially via Honiton (occassionally seen on the odd Sunday Night when there is no Taunton stop on the up beds and also via Bristol Parkway. A very good service even when seated especially if...
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    Cowley Bridge Junction - likely to flood again?

    Passed New Yard on Thursday and the Flood Boom or Network Rail Sausage was blown up. Assume testing for leaks
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    Farrngdon Extension lost code

    Just to clarify I do have an original copy of the game which I bought from a small computer shop which has now ceased trading. It is a shame that EB the developer of the game is no longer trading in any form as they have produced some excellent add-ons to MSTS. But thanks all for...