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    Impact on passengers with disabilities

    It is a subject close to my heart as a big part of my job that I like to do well is assisted travel (I work as a train conductor). I thought I would post my musings as the issue was raised in another thread. They're not very structured but I thought it would be a good starting point to identify...
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    SNCF wildcat strikes

    Mostly for information - I see on the news that SNCF has been pretty much crippled by a wildcat strike by the CGT union. From what I can work out it's a protest against driver only operation following a level crossing collision where an injured train driver had to manage the situation alone...
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    Staff walkout at Manchester Vic last night (08/06)?

    Seeing reports about that the platform staff at Manchester Victoria walked off the job last night due to abusive passengers, any knowledge? I can only speak for myself but the general behaviour around towns and cities on Saturday nights in particular is appalling so I wouldn't be surprised if...
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    East Midlands short notice disruption 27th Oct

    Just a heads up for anyone planning journeys on EMT Local 15x services tomorrow, short notice alterations are that all Nottingham to Mansfield Woodhouse 'short' services (except the 2305 from Nottingham) are cancelled leaving just the hourly Worksop trains and many other services except...
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    Hull Trains 180 on fire again.

    I would love to know the technical side of how this fleet remains in traffic but 180113 is on fire at Grantham station with the 2030 Kings Cross to Hull, train and station evacuated and fire service in attendance.
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    National Travel Tokens

    On the off chance anyone still has any of these kicking about, the government has dissolved the National Travel Tokens Ltd company. As of 30/09/2018 they're no longer accepted by the railway and must be exchanged with the issuing authority by 31/10/2018.
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    Midland Mainline timetable changes May 2018

    I'm hearing that it's been confirmed that from May 2018 EMT services will no longer serve Bedford and Luton at peak times, but will continue to serve Luton Airport Parkway, and will serve Bedford and Luton off peak and at weekends. Bedford and Luton will get GTR services only. Apparently there...
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    Witton station rape

    For those who can't see the picture Source: The Metro As a railwayman this absolutely sickens and hurts me that it's happened on our network. But surely London Midland should have a case to answer here - when they took over their franchise Witton was staffed from first train to last. It is...
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    Point to point seasons to no longer include GM freedom at weekends

    Apparently according to Northern's latest retail brief point to point seasons will no longer include freedom of Greater Manchester at weekends and bank holidays - a GM traincard or county card will be required instead.
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    EMT Nottingham red dot day 25th July

    Not sure if it's appeared elsewhere but EMT are having a red dot day for 20 quid, 10 for children. Station is Nottingham. Valid all day on all EMT services EXCEPT it is barred from Skegness services.