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    Loughborough Junction - Brixton Curve

    Does anyone know how to look up if any regular trains pass over the Loughborough Junction to Brixton Curve? I can only think that the curve is used for stock movements or freight? Thanks
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    8.36 Paddington to Plymouth (Sat)

    I'm off camping in Cornwall at Easter, and i've booked my and my friend a ticket from London to Plymouth, then catching another train to Penzance (cheapest ticket I could find and only 20 mins longer than a direct train). I've booked onto the 08.36 (April 7th Saturday) from Paddington to...
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    Weird and Wonderful Delays

    Travelling back from London on Saturday I was annoyed (but not suprised) that the train ground to a halt 10 or so minutes after leaving Euston station. The reason? A swan was on the train line and wouldn't move.. An hour late we eventually got on the way. Much to the amusement of the train...
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    Manchester - Brighton.

    I'm going down to Brighton for a friends birthday on the 6th of February and returning on the 7th. I've found cheap enough trains, £13 single on the way down and £9 on the way back. However these require you going to London Bridge and catching a FCC train to Brighton. Anything routed through...
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    Lost Property on VirginTrains

    I left a bag on a train at Manchester today having come from London, only realised it when I got home. I've rang Virgin, Manchester and Parcelex I think it was, but it hasn't turned up yet. Is there any likelyhood if it turning up in London? I know Virgin do a bit of a deeper clean on...