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    Purbeck Explorer 2 Mileage

    Hi I did this on Sunday from Swanage to Wareham. Does anyone have the mileage for this journey? Many thanks in advance
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Mid-Hants Railway)

    On Monday I managed a ride No. 1 Thomas loco (usually based at the Mid-Hants railway). It got some suprised looks from cars passing by. But the main point of my question is what was the locomotives original number before it was converted. This lived out all my childhood dreams. shame no Annie...
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    Heathrow Airport Secret Platforms

    Watched this video on Youtube yesterday and was wondering where these "Secret platforms" are too. I assume the branch it shows is the cross over outside terminal 5 where the train crosses to use the normal platform as opposed to the one used by Heathrow Connect to stable in between runs. Many...
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    Farrngdon Extension lost code

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me. I have the FArringdon Extension for MSTS and was reinstalling it today only to realise I have missplaced the installation code. I was wondering if someone could possible PM me the code as I have done an internest search with no luck and was hoping to...
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    08's Canton Depot 25/08/2013

    Hi There was an EWS 08 and a Pullman Rail 08's in Canton Depot yesterday does anyone have an ID for them please Many thanks in advance
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    St Phillips Marsh, Bristol Photography Potential

    Hi I am looking to see if I can get some photos at SPM does anyone know of any potential photography spots and also the postcode so can punch into a sat nav to find it. Many thanks in advance
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    Original Class 380 testing diagrams

    Hi I was hoping someone can help me. When the class 380 units were being introduced for Scotrail they ran from I believe Polmadie to carlisle. Carlisle-Carstairs and back and then Carlisle to Polmadie. Does anyone have any diagrams for these and times they were booked to depart and...
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    Newhaven Harbour-Newhaven Marine Ghost Train

    I am hoping to go out and get some photos of this when I am up that way next week. Does anyone know what time this departs Newhaven Harbour
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    London Overground 378's Delivery Order

    Does anyone out there have a list of the order the 378's were either released from Derby or used in order by London Overground. Many thanks if someone can help
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    MSTS Bin Patch

    Hi I need to remove the bin patch so I can reinstall it again anyone know how ro remove it on XP Many thanks in advance
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    Taunton Fairwater Yard

    Hi all Does anyone have a list of numbers (the DR Numbers) of all the track plant in fairwater yard e.g. ballast cleaners ect Many thanks if anyone can help
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    Heathfield (newton abbot) station how to get there help??

    Hi all Hopefully someone can help me. I want to try and photo the log train at Heathfield when it runs round. Whereabouts in heathfield is it and does anyone know how easy it is to get photos there. Fancy somewhere different from Teigngrace or a station many thanks if someone can help