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    Current Network Railcard boundary map

    I wanted to double-check that there are no recent changes to the Network Railcard area. National Rail Enquiries at.. .. links to this map to show the area of validity:-...
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    " this train contains doors."

    Today's 16.20 from Three Bridges to Brighton was advertised on the screens in the usual way with operator, calling points etc, but with the interesting additional information that " this train contains doors." Is that just a test message that's escaped into the wild?
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    Paddington to Oxford - evening peak restrictions from Boundary Zone 6

    My friend holds a 1-week zones 1-6 travelcard. She has a Network Card. She needs to go to Oxford from Paddington tomorrow evening 16th April and back late the same evening. She'd prefer to take a fast train in the peak - eg the 17:22 from Paddington. I've suggested that she gets a Boundary Zone...
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    Two-together : excess - return only?

    Travelling on two-together super-off-peak returns. If our travel plans change on the way back so we're travelling separately can we excess the return half only ( at half the difference between the full and discounted price per ticket) ? Can we do this after we've commenced our return journey...
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    Smarter ticket barriers : good news or bad?

    I've started this thread in response to the posts in this thread ... ... as they raise wider issues. At present, as we all know, gate-line barriers are a bit of a...
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    SWR 158/159 - Power Points

    Does anyone know if West of England line services have power points in standard?
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    Shortest route + 3 Mile rule - inconsistent results across booking engines

    I've been taking a quick look at how booking sites handle the three mile rule. I tried six non-mapped journeys which don't go via the shortest route but which I think should be valid because they are within 3m of the shortest route. A: Liverpool Lime Street to Aigburth via Liverpool South...
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    Fastest London to Paris times before Eurostar (surface route)

    Does anyone know the fastest London->Paris timings before Eurostar services started? I know that in steam days the Golden Arrow was timetabled to do it in 6h40; presumably something a bit better was achievable via hovercraft or catamaran? (I'm thinking specifically of rai/sea/rail - so not...
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    Routeing point groups and shortest routes on local journey legs.

    When applying the shortest route (+ up to 3 mile margin ) rule for the local part of a journey to an origin routeing point where the origin routeing point is a group , should I apply the rule separately for each group member or should I base the +3 mile margin only on the distance to the nearest...
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    Thameslink Daysave - to Cambridge?

    Would this.. .. be valid on the Cambridge route? The map hasn't been updated but the text says "Thameslink DaySave offers you unlimited Off Peak travel on Thameslink services on the day of validity. DaySave...
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    Network Rail radio/remote control wagons

    I've seen these twice on recent trips to Kent - bright yellow boxy things - lots of them at Tonbridge Yard and this week around Dover I saw a couple of them running on the main line sandwiched running between a pair of 73s. What exactly are they for - rail head treatment or something else?
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    Shortest Route to Mapped Route

    Suppose the shortest route isn't a mapped route and my ticket allows break of journey. Can I take a train along the shortest route and then, when I reach a station on a mapped route, change there and continue a mapped journey (off the shortest route). (I'm guessing that there would...
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    Fares Check - Choosing Approriate Routeing Point Group member

    When fare-checking a routeing-point group, the human-facing routeing guide( is silent on how you choose a member of the group for the fares check. The on-line routeing point calculator ( seems to implement an (undocumented) rule...
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    Southampton-Tonbridge Route Edenbrige/Polegate

    I need to travel from Brighton to Three Bridges a few times each week - a mix of peak/off peak and day return/overnight. That's around £20-£45/wk using Network South East Card discounted and/or Thameslink-only tickets (to Gatwick). Just to cover these journeys it's never worth getting a 7-day...
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    Break of journey - through train - engineering diversions?

    The NCRT is pretty vague... Clearly this is looking to restrict "long way round" on circular routes. What about through trains diverted due to engineering - can I break my journey at intermediate stations which aren't on the normal permitted route?
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    Network Card Minimum : Period Returns Bought on Weekends

    If I buy a period return with a Network Card on a weekend/bank holiday then a ticket vending machine will ignore the £13 minimum (which only applies weekdays) and so for some journeys it will sell me a sub £13 return. It doesn't ask when I intend to return nor does it seem to offer an...
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    Marylebone to Oxford - Permitted Routes

    I'm thinking about going to Oxford from London on Chiltern. Oddly, map GC ( on ) shows the route to Oxford diverging at Princes Risborough and avoiding Bicester (almost as if the via Cowley route still existed). Is this intentional? Direct services will...
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    " 'What can I do with my ticket?' tool " ?

    Page 5 of DfT "Action Plan for Information on Rail Fares & Ticketing" Says this.. (From Aug 2017) "National Rail Enquiries will provide a link directly to the industry 'What can I do with my ticket?' tool . Ticket retailers will embed this service in their online ticket purchase...
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    Southern ticket restrictions during strike days : no off-peak service

    The weekday strike timetable heading North from Cowden/Ashurst/Hever consists of just two trains at ~8.30am and ~9.00am - there are no replacement buses. I know that Southern say in their FAQ .. "Is there any change to peak ticket restrictions? No. Off peak tickets will continue to be...
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    Promotional Campaign : "Britain Runs on Rail"

    Rail Delivery Group have come up with a new promotional campaign for the Industry .. .. as you'd expect, it paints a very rosy picture.