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    Travelling with a group using e-tickets

    I know this is a really stupid question but how do you use an e-ticket when travelling in a group? I have been using e-tickets on my mobile for a while now and find them very useful (except the problem of running out of charge of my phone) but I have never used them when travelling with a group...
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    Banbury to Bradford permitted routes

    I often travel from Banbury to Bradford. I change at Doncaster and Leeds, using a std Off Peak Return. Would I be permitted to instead use the Grand Central services between Doncaster and Bradford instead of going through Leeds. I know this used to be permitted but not sure if it is still a...
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    Cheapest Fare Banbury to St Anne’s and Banbury to Shanklin (I of Wight)

    hi, I have got 2 journeys I need to make in the coming weeks. I wish to book tickets through CrossCountry as I am registered with them and always get my tickets through them, and I want to reserve seats on the XC services using there seat selector. 1st Journey Banbury to St Anne’s on 1st...
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    Banbury ticket office closed

    hi, not sure if this is the right place to post but don’t know what to do. I travelled from Banbury to Rugby today (18/04/19). I arrived at Banbury station at about 11:40, but ticket office was closed due to a staff meeting. I tried to purchase tickets from the self service ticket machine, but...
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    CrossCountry franchise news?

    Hi, before this thread gets locked and without any speculation or fantasy ideas for the future of the crosscountry franchise does anyone have any news of the current situation of the franchise. I have been searching all over the internet and rail news sites but can’t find any news. Has a...
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    GWR HST between Banbury & Stratford Upon Avon 21/04/18

    please can someone tell me what the GWR HST services between Banbury & Stratford were yesterday (21/04/18). Just interested, Thanks
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    Barrow in Furness - Carlisle - Lancaster

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I am travelling from Barrow in Furness to Lancaster on this Thursday, and I fancied a ride up the Cumbrian coast to Carlisle then down the main line to Lancaster. What is the cheapest way to do this? I will be travelling in...