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  1. RyanB

    Good Locations in and around Edinburgh

    OK so today I took the plunge and went to Kingsknowe and did some photography, my first time - after much procrastination on my part I've been saying I'll do it one day for a couple years now :lol:. Now I'm hoping the members of the forum can give me some guidance as to good locations around...
  2. RyanB

    Best YouTube Videos?

    OK, since we have a thread about worst youtube videos here - - I think it's only fair that we have a thread that celebrates the very best videos on youtube, try to keep it related to the Railways as much as possible, but the odd non-railway...
  3. RyanB

    All Line Rover Trip (7 days)

    First of all I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, so mods do please feel free to move this as you see fit. This summer I am planning to do an All Line Rover trip using a 7 day ALR, obviously I know the cost of the ticket but I'd like to know how much money I should set...
  4. RyanB

    Possible InterRail trip

    I'm thinking about doing getting an InterRail 15 day pass and was just wondering how much money I should set aside, I'm 19 and would like to use High Speed Rail ticket, probably going to fly to Paris and start my trip from there, as using rail all the way would be incredibly expensive.
  5. RyanB

    Unidentified Network Rail Train

    Was standing outside office today (next to lines just out of Haymarket Station when a train consisting of 2 Diesel Locos and 3 yellow network rail carriages with a pantograph raised on middle carriage. Locos look like they may be 67s had a dark livery. Passed at slow speed at about 11am. Anyone...