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  1. adamp

    New website

    New website - Please give it a bookmark and let me know what you think! Cheers, Adam
  2. adamp

    Selling my entire collection!

    Hi guys, I'm selling everything I own - Just thought i'd share a link! If any one is interested feel free to PM me. Enjoy! Cheers, Adam
  3. adamp

    Yorkshire RHTT Night shots Bradford and Leeds. Enjoy! Adam
  4. adamp

    I'm not happy with my contract, so... Don't try this at home! Ha!
  5. adamp

    Bashford Hall 24/03/2012

    A look round Crewe, loads more recent ones too...!i=1767874460&k=f8dkQpN Enjoy!
  6. adamp

    58016 Restoration Update

    Here's a video giving an insight into the restoration of 016... Enjoy! Click here -Adam
  7. adamp

    73's on Merseyrail

    3 shots from last night's rarity seen at Southport. Plenty of people there to see them.!i=1712903764&k=LT2GHtC&lb=1&s=O
  8. adamp

    Choosing the right lens...

    It's coming to that time when my 3-year old bob standard canon lenses (18-55 and 55-200) are in need of replacement. I'm looking at upgrading to possibly a better Canon 18-55 lens which can really bring out the quality for filming on my 60D, and then a similar size zoom lens with both being...
  9. adamp

    Yorkshire RHTT night shots Let us know what you think! -Adam
  10. adamp

    Carlisle Kingmoor Open Day

    Heres my selection of pictures... Enjoy -Adam
  11. adamp

    East lancs froth

    Brill weather for once! Cheers, Adam/GBRW
  12. adamp

    Duke of Gloucester on the move

    Few from yesterday and 71000 being moved to Hither Green today. Cheers, Adam/GBRW
  13. adamp


    Plenty of units & freight, managed to see 66168 being dragged by 66524 after it failed at Swinton causing mega disruption for anything wanting to go south of Sheffield! Hope you like, cheers -Adam/GBRW
  14. adamp

    A white Yorkshire.. Cheers, Adam/GBRW
  15. adamp

    56040's days are numbered...

    Get it while you can... Cheers, Adam/GBRW
  16. adamp

    The Rother-Don Rambler photos Cheers, Adam/GBRW
  17. adamp

    Final Wrexham & Shropshire train

    Seen here at Wolverhampton: -Adam/GBRW
  18. adamp

    Arsenal V Wigan 'footex' -Adam/GBRW
  19. adamp

    Final video of 2010 Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!! -Adam/GBRW
  20. adamp

    New Pendo for the punters...

    Nothing special to be honest... -Adam/GBRW