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  1. richw

    FOSW valid on buses?

    Can anyone confirm if a freedom of southwest 8 in 15 is valid on any buses? My understanding is, no. I had a holder today tell me the ticket office that sold him the ticket advised it is valid on all buses. I believe he’s been misinformed, or was trying to pulling a fast one. Can anyone...
  2. richw

    Okehampton 2018 Daily And new station?

    The attached poster is being plastered all over Okehampton. I’ve seen nor heard anything official so does anyone have any more information on either going daily or this new Parkway station? Presumably 150/143 stock released from turbo cascades Attached image is a photo of a poster supplied to...
  3. richw

    Photobucket embedded photos.. Mods this may have an effect on many threads through the forum, no longer looking correct?
  4. richw

    What is your car history?

    Following on from the other car threads which appear popular, how about showing us a list of your car history? Here is mine to start us off (Its probably incomplete). Many have been owned at the same time as others- If I see a decent old car being threatened with scrap, and I think its too good...
  5. richw

    Jurassic Mule 2017

    The Jurassic Mule open top service operated by Mendip Mule Motorbus starts for the 2017 season this saturday. All day fares: Adults £7.95 Seniors £6.95 Children £5.95 Family (2+2) £19.95 Extra family child £3.95 These fares are a hop on hop off ticket, and valid for unlimited travel...
  6. richw

    AVI playback software?

    Can anyone recommend me a downloadable software to view AVI format files. I've purchased a dash cam which saves in .AVI but my laptop doesn't have anything that supports playback. thanks
  7. richw

    Derbyshire burial records- Help Please

    A completely off topic subject, but one I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help with, based on the wide knowledge base here. My wife is trying to find the cemetery where her grandparents are buried. We know its in Derbyshire, and we are in that area for a few days next month, so she...
  8. richw

    170104 by road.

    Can anyone tell me why 170104 was being moved by road through Leicester city centre on Friday. Seen some photos elsewhere on line and was curious!
  9. richw

    Ryanair November £2 promo

    I received an email earlier which I deleted as of no use to me but worthy of sharing Ryanair are offering seats for £2 each way on Tuesday and Wednesday's in November to selected destinations. I've just had a play around and had a 80% success rate for Wednesday 9th on finding the £2 fare...
  10. richw

    Torbay VR Farewell Event

    Weekend of 30th Sept- 2nd October Rail River Link are holding a VR Farewell Event in Torbay as their VRs can't be operated next season due to Accesibility requirements. Poster attached with full details. I will add a further post when I'm on my laptop with full details typed out from poster
  11. richw

    It's not just the railway that doesn't read emails properly

    As we all know certain TOCs send responses to emails clearly cut and pasted unrelated to the original contact, it seems it's the case in other sectors as well. I emailed asda to compliment a member of staff for his assistance in allergy information, asda have emailed back apologising for the...
  12. richw

    Is this itinerary for real?

    Following another thread where someone posted about a limited service in Pinhoe, I had a look at GWR's website for Pinhoe to Exeter central services. It suggested the following, could someone break their journey at Bristol or westbury because the journey planner says that itinerary? The...
  13. richw

    Coombe Junction Crowdgetter Event

    This morning I attended a Crowdgetter Event to increase passenger numbers at Coombe Junction. Local Media picked up on the event last night which looked to have done numbers well. Last year Coombe junction had 26 passengers all year. Todays 1052 had 108 passengers Photos I took in a Flickr...
  14. richw

    Barrier code 06

    Does anyone know what a code 06 means on barriers. Noticed with my new daily commute every season ticket holder including myself is getting a code 06 seek assistance. Creates additional work for the staff, and a queue at the barrier. Mine seem to work on the morning of day 1 each ticket and...
  15. richw

    Eatery suggestions and reviews

    We seemingly have discussed accommodation in great detail, but the other important part of a trip to me at least is somewhere decent for breakfast/lunch or dinner. As part of my trip this weekend could anyone recommend me a decent place for a breakfast near London Victoria?
  16. richw

    London fares.

    I'm trying to get my head around London travel and fares. I have a contactless debit card, but will be travelling with my daughter (5 years old). We will probably be staying in a hotel in zone 5, so am I right in thinking I will need a daily paper travel card for my daughter and I can use my...
  17. richw

    GWR 153 issues?

    Has FGW/GWR got an issue with their 153s? Earlier today journey check was showing a lot of: Will be formed of 2 coaches instead of 3. This is due to a shortage of trains because of extra safety inspections Will be formed of 2 coaches instead of 1. This is due to a shortage of trains...
  18. richw

    Ticket collection with any payment card

    Something I've seen discussed regularly here with no definite answer ever given is whether any payment card can be used to collect tickets if you lose the purchasing card. Here seems to be the confirmation (I've booked through southern, but assume this is relevant to any TOC), I've never seen...
  19. richw

    Railcard expiry date

    I've just noticed my railcard expires 25th July (tomorrow). Does this mean I can still use it tomorrow, or does it expire at midnight tonight?
  20. richw

    Quick prosecutions - Cornwall, media article.

    Just reading my local paper, The West Briton, the number of people within the court sections for fare evasion stood out to me, but What caught my eye was how quick from offence to court. Offences that happened on 15th April were in court on 23rd April. This surprised me how quickly it went...