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  1. pitdiver

    Priv Tickets to Inverness By Sleeper

    I am thinking of going up to inverness on the Caledonian sleeper. I realise this has to be booked in person at a station. But which ticket do I book as according to BR Fares there a number of different prices. Obviously I am looking at the the least expensive but how can I be sure that is the...
  2. pitdiver

    Slow Train To Venice

    "Slow Train To Venice" Has anybody read the above book. If so is it worth buying
  3. pitdiver

    Somers Town? Coach Stn

    MAny years ago I had to catch a coach to Luton Airport from what appeared to be an old Coal Yard in what I think is now called Somers Town ( it probably was then as well) Does anybody have any knowledge or information about this place.
  4. pitdiver

    The Horror of Pacers

    Being a Southerner ie being local to GTR and their wonderful class 700s. I have never had the "pleasure" of travelling on a Pacer. However this all changed last week. I had the need to get from Bedford to Worksop. So Leicester, Sheffield then the final leg Sheffield To Worksop on a PACER. Ye...
  5. pitdiver

    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am trying to book two Priv return tickets on the abover service. I am slightly confused as it seems that I can only get a discount on the train fare not the sleeper supplement. Is this correct as BR Fares shows I believe a twin berth fare (Twosharing) at £55. Advice...
  6. pitdiver

    Past travels on the Deerstalker etc.

    Going back in time to perhaps the 50s or 60s would the down Highlander have all the kerfuffle at Waverley or were there three seperate trains, ie Aberdeen, Fort William and Inverness. At what sort of time did the leave London and arrive at their respective destinations. As I have travelied on...
  7. pitdiver

    Definitive History

    In anybody's opinion is there a definitive book on the history of Britains Railways. Or is it too big a subject to get in one volume. If there is such a tome what is it please.
  8. pitdiver

    Past European Sleeper Services

    I have recently been listening to an old radio series, Paul Temple and the Geneva Mystery. This was first broadcast in 1965. In one of the episodes Paul Temple mentions catching a sleeper service from Calais Maritime (I assume) to Geneva. Out of curiosity would this have been actually posssible...
  9. pitdiver

    Fares to Specific LUL stns or Zonal Tkts

    How do I look up on BR fares the price of tickets to a particular LUL stn. IE Flitwick to Westminster.
  10. pitdiver

    Travelling in the 30's By Rail

    I'm a bit of a romantic regarding rail travel. Can anybody recommend a book about travelling around Europe by rail in the 1930's.
  11. pitdiver

    Trip to The Orkneys

    Next year my wife and I are planning a trip up to the Orkneys. We have frkiends up there who have invited to visit. My question is has anybody travelled up to there if so what is the best way. We live in Bedfordshire. I have already done a bit of research but are looking for any suggestions...
  12. pitdiver

    Nice Thoughts From Commuters: Samaritans donation appeal

    AS can be seen this was posted on a St Albans FB Group. It is self explanatory. Sarah Evans shared a link. Yesterday at 7:31 PM This post was put on the St Albans fb site by a commuter impacted by last nights sad incident. I thought you’d like me to share it on this site too... Calling all...
  13. pitdiver

    GTR 'ticket acceptance'

    I went through Flitwick station this morning and noticed that the Ticket Restrictions on the 3 Govia trains services have been reinstated. IE tickets for Thameslink only are only valid on that service. When I pointed out to a member of staff this was illegal and could not be enforced they sort...
  14. pitdiver

    Orient Express

    Can anybody tell me if there is what could be considered a definitive history of the Orient Express and all it;s various versions. I am not interested in the VSOE but the traditional trains.
  15. pitdiver

    Rail Travel In Russia

    I don't know if anybody can help me. My Father In Law is beginning to suffer from dementia. We are therefore trying to keep his thought processes active. In the early to mid seventies he and my mother in law travelled a few times to Soviet Russia. (he was and still is a staunch trade unionist)...
  16. pitdiver

    Priv Travel on The Night Riviera

    Is it possible to get a priv rate fare on the night Riviera to Penzance, in a sleeper If so how do you go about getting the tickets. My wife and I hold Retired ex TfL All Rail PTACs.
  17. pitdiver

    Early Buses In Weymouth

    I am a resident of Bedfordshire and also an ENCTS pass holder. I am also a regular visitor to Weymouth. Where I am in Bedfordshire we have no Sunday or Bank Holiday bus service. However looking at the bus service in Weymouth I notice there is an early service on Route number 1 at 0440 on a...
  18. pitdiver

    Cunard Cruise Saver Express

    I have recently watched a video showing this service leaving Southampton Eastern Docks heading for Edinburgh. It was videoed on 30/04/2011 Has anybody got any further information about this service?
  19. pitdiver

    Harlington (Beds) Station: Rumour that it's to be closed?

    There seems to be a rumour flying around that our local station: Harlington is going to be closed. Has anybody on this forum heard of this.
  20. pitdiver

    Things to do in Mallaig?

    I am taking a trip up to Fort William in May on the Cally Sleeper. I am hoping to go on to Mallaig but as I was planning to get the 1212 train up to Mallaig and get the 1634 back What is there to do in Mallaig for those couple of hrs or so? I am taking the wife so have got to keep her sweet