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    Difference between "permanent way" and "track"

    What is the difference between "permanent way" and "track"? Wikipedia articles seem to suggest that the "permanent way" is the whole of the track infrastructure and "tracks" are the individual rails. I translate for a railway company and in the source texts sometimes a similar distinction is made.
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    Eurostar Snap ticket times

    [To be moved to "International" forum] If you have bought a Eurostar Snap ticket, could you comment on the times given so we can get an idea of what is common? I bought one for London to Brussels on Wednesday 12th July (afternoon) and have been given 12:58. The 12:58 has always been the cheapest...
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    Cross Country delay repay

    I recently bought tickets for two people from York to Birmingham and they were delayed by 33 minutes. I filled out the CrossCountry delay repay form and sent the tickets in the post. I received an odd reply by email. Firstly, the person appears to have received a scanned copy. Might CrossCountry...
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    Cheap tickets Bruxelles-Nürnberg-Cheb-Czech Republic

    I've just noticed that ČD booking engine offers tickets for just over 400 CZK (about £13) for Nürnberg to Czech destinations and tickets for about 600 CZK (about £20) from Brussels for travel on various dates in the next few weeks, which undercuts Brussels-Nürnberg fares quite significantly...
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    Up-to-date track diagrams

    Are any more up-to-date track diagrams available for purchase than the Track Atlas (date?) / Quail 2006?
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    Fares and financing panel discussion video

    Some of you may be interested in a panel discussion I chaired on rail fares and financing: The playlist is not in chronological order, start with 6, then 7, then 1 to 5. Speakers: Charles Robarts, Network Rail...
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    Smart ticketing situation

    How are the prospects currently for a further roll-out of ITSO smart ticketing? Which rail and bus companies now have ITSO readers and what are they being used for? I heard a few years ago that there was rivalry between the Department for Transport which was promoting ITSO and Transport for...
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    Railways and the environment

    It was suggested in the Northern restrictions thread that this topic would merit a new thread so I will start one for anyone wishing to discuss this. This topic of course covers most aspects of rail planning, so it's very difficult to define what should be covered. I will mainly focus on...
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    New Milano - Marseille Thello service

    Thello is setting up a new service on this route using Frecciabianca rolling stock. The train will run once a day in both directions in the afternoon/evening. Of course this service won't be advertised through SNCF booking channels so many passengers won't know about it. Press release...
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    Paris - Barcelona from 25€ - SNCF special offer "i/o" presumably means "instead of"
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    Institute for Public Policy Research report criticises bus deregulation

    I can only support the analysis of bus deregulation offered by this report:
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    Oxford - Cambridge in 60 minutes??

    A new report has set out an economic case for the Varsity Line: It assumes a journey time of 24 minutes between Cambridge and Bedford and 60 minutes between Cambridge...
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    Open access debate - Christian Wolmar, Ian Yeowart and Jonathan Tyler

    Christian Wolmar, Ian Yeowart and Jonathan Tyler discuss open access: The article titles (it's a PDF so I can't copy the text here): I think we need to thoroughly evaluate the different options and their...
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    Two Together Railcard / peak time fares policy

    I can see that if the Railcard discount were given during these hours that people might start to use it for commuting. However, there are a lot of trains which are quiet before 0930 and starter longer day trips after 0930 can mean not arriving until lunchtime, which makes the train less...
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    Water in train sinks "not drinkable"

    How is the water which comes out of taps in train toilets treated? Why is it not drinkable?
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    Current strategies in the railway passenger business in Britain: A critical appraisal

    This is a very provocative report by an industry expert which should stimulate some interesting discussion.
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    Multi-modal integration (in particular rail and bus)

    Integrated rail and bus ticketing and timetabling is crucial for making public transport an attractive alternative to the car. Many public transport journeys can often only be made or may only provide a reasonable journey time by using more than one mode. Yet there is very limited effective...
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    Better Rail Networks Conference in European Parliament

    This conference on Thursday 5th was organised by the Green Party in the EU, seems to have attracted interesting speakers and is worth watching: Aims and principles: Speakers: - Moritz Leuenberger (former Swiss minister...
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    Super Off-Peak Day fares Cambridge-Waterbeach/Ely - discrepancy

    As far as I can see there seems to be two different prices offered for the same Super Off-Peak Day Singles/Returns between Cambridge and Waterbeach or Ely. For example, full price Super Off-Peak Day Returns between Cambridge and Waterbeach / Ely (in either direction) are available for £1.60 /...
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    Ticketless travel in Romania

    The German national news website,, has recently published an article about ticketless travel in Romania. Here is an excerpt of it. Romania clamps down on ticketless travel Corrupt guard has some explaining to do Train travel is not just expensive in Germany. In Romania...