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  1. py_megapixel

    Motorway services

    Just realised that until I stopped at a motorway service station the other day it had been years since I'd done so, with most long journeys since then being made by train. However I'm still not comfortable spending several hours on a train, especially in a facemask, under current circumstances...
  2. py_megapixel

    What sacrifices have been made to XC during Covid-19?

    Simple question - since most XC services at the moment seem to be 8 or 9 car formations, what had been sacrificed to make that happen? I would work this out by using RTT, but it's difficult to see what's changed given the amount of variance in XC destinations as it was.
  3. py_megapixel

    Rolling stock companies building replacements for rolling stock they built

    An example of this is the Class 458 on SWR, built by Alstom, which will be replaced by Alstom Aventras. A couple more examples: Any more?
  4. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Longest journey on the same type of rolling stock but different TOCs?

    What's the longest journey possible to make on the network which involves only one type of rolling stock, but multiple TOCs? I'll allow the same sort of category of rolling stock to be grouped together. For example, you can count all Mk3-derived EMUs as one type, all Sprinters as one type, all...
  5. py_megapixel

    Air hoses on front of units (and locos)

    On the front of this class 455 an air hose is clearly visible (credit to Matt Buck on Wikipedia for the photo) What are they for, and why do some units have them (older ones) and some not?
  6. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Cases on the railway where the less premium offering is superior

    Basically as the title - what cases on the railway are there where you could buy what is positioned as a premium product, and have a worse experience than if you'd gone for a cheaper option? I know this is going to be highly subjective, but I'll start with a couple of examples...
  7. py_megapixel

    Points Failure, Nuneaton South, 24/7/20

    Just noticed that 1H11 London to Manchester is 21L due to a points failure today Does anyone have any information about this?
  8. py_megapixel

    SDO questions

    There's very little non-automated selective door opening on the network nowadays but for a while it wasn't uncommon for the guard to have to manually select the correct doors to release. I found this old training video which was uploaded to YouTube, from when SWT switched their Desiros over to...
  9. py_megapixel

    Are out-of-court settlements a fair way of handling fares disputes?

    I thought this probably warranted a full discussion in its own thread: the quoted post above makes an excellent point.
  10. py_megapixel

    Carriage type identifiers (or whatever they're called)

    Looking at the formation of a 319 for example: DTSO+PMSO+MSOL+DTSO I was trying to work out what each of the abbreviations means. Here are my assumptions so far, [??] being things I can't work out: DTSO = Driving [??] Standard [??] PMSO = Pantograph Motor Standard [??] MSOL = Motor Standard...
  11. py_megapixel

    What's your "pet seat"?

    This post: made me think - surely others must have their preferred seats on trains? I'll start: on a Northern Civity I'm quite partial to the table on the left immediately before the cab access door for the simple reason that the aisle seat is missing (presumably to allow the door to open...
  12. py_megapixel

    What are the worst rolling stock subsitutions you've experienced?

    Sometimes a TOC will substitute rolling stock either for something completely inappropriate for the route, or something which just in general is a bit rubbish. I'll start with the time Transport for Wales put a 2 car 150 with a broken toilet on a Swansea to Crewe service.
  13. py_megapixel

    What was this special train? (DRS 57 + Mk1)

    Mods, this post may well be in the wrong place so feel free to move it if needed This might seem rather random but I was looking through some of my photos from a few years ago and came across a train I never managed to identify. A Direct Rail Services class 57 loco (no. 57306) hauling several...
  14. py_megapixel

    Manchester Metrolink PIS questions

    I've read on here that the Passenger Information System (PIS) on Metrolink M5000 vehicles works by measuring distance between stops but I'd like to know some more details. Firstly, does the PIS "know" everywhere that the tram will stop on the way to its destination, or does it just know what...
  15. py_megapixel

    NRE Darwin webservice question

    Sorry if this is poorly suited, mods please feel free to move or delete as appropriate. I'm working on a programming project which needs to pull data about train departures. National Rail Enquiries provides the Darwin data feeds in two forms, both a "Public Version" and a "Staff Version" with...
  16. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Failed onboard entertainment trials

    I was looking at something which made reference to the "Audio Carriage" on First Great Western which was some kind of onboard entertainment system from before everyone was carrying around smartphones, but I can't find any details of it and I'm interested to learn more. Was it a paid service or...
  17. py_megapixel

    Network Turbo original interior/exterior design

    Nowadays the Chiltern and Great Western class 165/166 Network Turbo units have the exterior livery and interior design of their respective operators (or in the case of Great Western the seats still retain the previous branding) but I'm unable to find any indication of what they were like before...
  18. py_megapixel

    Policy when passengers cannot alight due to a short platform

    I'm aware that usually passengers could just walk through the train but what if... Two non gangwayed units are working in multiple but only one fits on the platform? The wheelchair space is not on the platform? In many cases it's unclear what carriages are for what stations before the approach...
  19. py_megapixel

    Trivia: Most sparse platform at a major station

    At most major stations, each platform has a range of facilites, usually some kind of coffee shop; toilets; a waiting room and possibly more. But some stations have very sparse platforms with not many facilities. Which platform is the most sparse at a major station? I'm going to define "major...
  20. py_megapixel

    Etickets on Manchester Metrolink

    OK this question is irrelevant to me now because I'm not a key worker, but it's been on my mind for a while so I am going to ask it anyway. Day Returns from stations within the GMPTE travelcard zone (if it's still called that) to a Manchester city centre station is available as either a paper...