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  1. RyanB


    Most other Scottish Football fans are having a right good laugh at the "statement" that was put out by one of the biggest suporter's groups. It was discussed very briefly tonight on BBC Radio Scotland's "Sportsound" show, with the current Ayr Utd Manager, Ian McCall, calling it "so pathetic...
  2. RyanB


    It's becoming hard to pick a favourite victory at Ibrox tbh, just so many of them now. Also note they're none too happy at being gestured toward by Lennon after all the abuse (much of it Secatrian in nature), death threats and bullets through the post that he has received over the years...
  3. RyanB

    Best ever traction sound

    I watched that and thought "surely that's fake", but nope, other videos around the net show that it is entirely not fake. Now if only someone could make an actual music track from the traction motor noises, that would be quite a listen.
  4. RyanB

    Police Scotland to take over British Transport Police in Scotland? [Now on hold]

    Given how bad Police Scotland has been in general, I don't think this is a great move.
  5. RyanB

    Easter Sunday service level vs Boxing Day service level

    Only places that I know of that open on Christmas Day are Restaurants and some Pubs/Bars. Most shops wouldn't make much money, and would have to shell over far more in terms of wages than they would make in terms of Sales
  6. RyanB

    What drives you round the bend when using the train?

    People being overly loud on any form of public transport is annoying, but on the occasions I do get the train, luggage blocking the gangway or doors annoys me, not to mention the safety aspect of it all. Big pet hate is pushing and shoving to get on or off, patience is a virtue and avoids...
  7. RyanB

    Rio Olympics 2016 discussion

    Sounds like the Russians have been practising systematic doping for several years now and the Government may well have have had a big hand in making sure doped Russian athletes got away with it. Wouldn't surprise me if all Russian athletes were banned from competing in Rio, only being able to...
  8. RyanB

    Best British Sitcoms

    Blackadder is one of my all time favourite shows, got a box set of all 4 series one Christmas on DVD and watched them all on Boxing Day, I've watched them over and over and am always at the ready to quote various lines when the situation calls for it.
  9. RyanB

    RMT vote 4 to 1 to strike over NR pay

    This is a pain for me as I'm due to go up to Aberdeen on the 5th, do the members of the forum recommend that I cancel my ticket up to Aberdeen?
  10. RyanB

    Your favourite Indian restaurant and why?

    In Edinburgh I have to say that I love the Himalaya restaurant just up from Holy Corner. Sit in and Takeaway are top notch! I loved the old Khushi's on Victoria Street before it burned down :cry: There is a new one opposite the play-house, but it's not the same as the old one.
  11. RyanB

    Fatality at Bletchley 7/5/14

    Hope your friend is ok, can only imagine how harrowing it must be for drivers and families involved in such terrible incidents. Thoughts go out to all affected parties.
  12. RyanB

    BTP Camera Van

    Saw one of the vans at Kingsknowe Level Crossing a couple weeks ago, I think there is already a static camera there, but it may well be blocked by some overhanging branches (certainly a lot of foliage around there) - but if it's not and it's got a perfectly good view, I wonder why it was there?
  13. RyanB

    Train liveries: When Paint + Rail = Epic Fail

    It looks like the just got people to shout out random colours when designing that livery and cared little as to whether or not they looked any good.
  14. RyanB

    Rolling stock game

    Class 313 to Letchworth Garden City
  15. RyanB

    Twitter usage poll

    Two accounts, one NSFW and one SFW (main account) both see fairly regular use
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    Now Playing....

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    Can a train be formed of 3 DMUs?

    I've seen 3 x 2-car 158s before, might have been an ECS movement though, don't know if that counts.
  18. RyanB

    Scotland: Forward thinking with their railways?

    The Scottish Govt gave the go ahead for that project but the shambles is entirely down to Edinburgh Council and the poor structuring of the contracts by the council.
  19. RyanB

    Rolling stock game

    My mistake, we shall instead use 34007 Wadebridge to go to Alton
  20. RyanB

    General Knowledge Quiz

    I'm giving it to the floor