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  1. northernrailer

    RSM Cross Country Leeds - Assesment

    I applied for the Retail Service Manager vacancy at Leeds with Cross Country, i have got through to the assesment centre on Thurs 5th March. It says on the email there is a Numeracy test, Verbal test and a Group Discussion. Im just looking for some info please: The numeracy test a few years...
  2. northernrailer

    GWR sleeper Penzance to London

    In June im doing the Penzance to London sleeper. Looking for some info from people who used it. 1) what time can you board at Penzance - it departs 2145. 2) what time do they serve the continental breakfast and is it brought to your cabin?. 3) what time do you have to be off train in london it...
  3. northernrailer

    Class 155 Regional Railways North East Destination Blind.

    On ebay i am selling a class 155 regional railways north east destination blind. These are now rare and hard to get hold of. Type in Class 155 regional railways north eaat destination blind to find the item.
  4. northernrailer

    TPE Class 170 Diagrams (Cleethorpes to Man Airport)

    Can anyone tell me what services are booked to be operated by class 170s on the Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport services? I know there are 4 units, do they run as 2x 4 car units? If anyone can shed any light as to which services are booked 170s would be appreciated. Cheers
  5. northernrailer

    Sat Only Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg

    Next month I am planning on doing the Sheffield to Cleethorpes line via Brigg. I am wanting to know what is normally allocated to the following services 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes I understand that one of return services...
  6. northernrailer

    Barton on Humber diagram

    The first Cleethorpes to Barton on Humber was formed of the previous days unit, which on return from Barton terminated at Grimsby Town, then went ECS to Scunthorpe to form the 0819 Lincoln service. The 153 then formed the 1125 Lincoln to Adwick, over the past few weeks the Barton unit seems to...
  7. northernrailer

    0850 Manchester - Llandudno/Holyhead service

    I have booked some tickets to travel from Manchester to Llandudno on the 0850 departure nest week, the service splits at Chester - with one portion for Holyhead and the other for Llandudno. What units are booked for this service, im presuming the Llandudno portion will be the rear 2 carriages...
  8. northernrailer

    1450 Cardiff to Manchester - is it formed of a class 150 or 175

    I have booked myself onto this service (1450 Cardiff to Manchester) in March, I have been told that this service come is formed of a class 150 from Carmarthen. Am I right in thinking that the 150 terminates at Cardiff and a 175 takes over as im sure that ive seen it done last year, or is the...
  9. northernrailer

    Northern Rail Class 156 PRM Mods

    I have noticed that 156454 & 156482 have had the same treatment as AGA class 156 units, with a new bigger toilets, PIS internally and destination blinds removed. At the moment its the Angel Trains leasing company units that are being done first: This leaves: 156438, 156443, 156444, 156448...
  10. northernrailer

    DMU / EMU Destination Blinds wanted

    Does anyone have any DMU / EMU destination blinds for sale, as I am looking to purchase some more to add to my collection. cheers
  11. northernrailer

    MNR Multiple Units and Classic Transport Gala (17th / 18th October 15)

    Mid Norfolk Railway Multiple Units and Classic Transport Gala 17th / 18th October 2015 See website for details:
  12. northernrailer

    1135 Newark to Cleethorpes (Sunday only)

    Does anyone know if the 1135 Newark to Cleethorpes service is strengthened to 3 cars now with it been the school holidays, the reason I ask last year when I travelled on it - it was always a 153/156. This year I travelled on it a few weeks back and it was 2 cars, I travelling from Lincoln to...
  13. northernrailer

    121034 Destination Blind

    Please can you tell me the full list of Destinations that are on the Destination blind on 121034, every time you see the unit or a picture of it, it has a different Destination. Does anyone know if it is a old linen type blind, im presuming its a specially designed one by the Destinations...
  14. northernrailer

    DMU / EMU Destination Blinds for sale

    I have a selection of Destination Blinds for sale, from my personal collection. The following items I have for sale are on ebay at present but I do have a few of each item. So would be willing to offer private sales. Click this link to see pictures of items for sale...
  15. northernrailer

    Multiple Matters Weekend Mid Norfolk Railway 1st & 2nd November 14

    We are holding our Multiple Matters Gala again this year at the Mid Norfolk Railway on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd November 2014. The Mid-Norfolk Railway is home to a fleet of Heritage Railcars, some older than some Steam locomotives!. Our Class 101 (3 car) - L836 which has been undergoing...
  16. northernrailer

    0350 St Philips Marsh to Doncaster 30/6/14

    Can anyone tell me what unit formed the 0350 St Philips Marsh to Doncaster works today please. I have provided a screen shot of the details from realtime trains. cheers
  17. northernrailer

    1852 Paignton - Bristol / 2156 Bristol - Exeter

    Until 4th July the 1852 Paignton to Bristol and 2156 Bristol to Exeter is booked a class 143, please can anyone confirm is this service recently has been run by class 143 units. Im guessing that this is an Exeter Job between Exeter - Bristol and return.
  18. northernrailer

    Class 153 diagrams out of Sheffield in early / mid 90s

    I have been reading a book called Railways of Sheffield by S.R. Batty, it shows class 153 units in 1993 working the Sheffield to Retford services. I have noticed by looking at the unit numbers the class 153s were a mix of Heaton depot (Newcastle) and Tyseley depot (Birmingham) allocated units...
  19. northernrailer

    Northern services after timetable change

    I have noticed with the new timetable change there are some service which have been combined and are now through trains: 1) Blackpool North - Manchester Victoria - Huddersfield on weekdays the 1120 Blackpool - Manchester service was always booked as 2 units (4 car) is this still the same...
  20. northernrailer

    Carlisle (Northern Rail services) on Sundays

    On Sundays please can anyone tell me what units are booked to work the following services: Carlisle to Newcastle - 142 or 156s. how many diagrams to operate service 3 or 4? Carlisle to Whitehaven - 153 or 156.