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  1. Krispo

    GM Day Ranger

    I'm doing one of these tomorrow, but I live outside of the area. Will I be able to buy my GMDR (along with regular ticket to the boundary, Orrell in my case) at my local station (Rice Lane)?
  2. Krispo

    A quick question regarding NCOC

    Tomorrow I'm off on a jolly to London, I'm considering coming back via Derby (I live in Liverpool) which according to is valid. However, my question is if a train I am on is late/canceled meaning that I'll miss my connection, is it the TOC's responsibility to get me home...
  3. Krispo

    Food & drink freebies in FC

    Who gives what?
  4. Krispo

    London - Liverpool

    Would this be valid on WSMR at all?
  5. Krispo

    Mersey Mancunian 24/1/09 (PATHFINDER)

    Who's on this? I've just booked for 1st class from Manchester. Should be a good tour. Brilliant route.
  6. Krispo

    Gradients on Merseyrail

    Does anyone have any information on them? especially climbing out of the tunnels.
  7. Krispo

    Spitfire Railtours - Liverpool to Skegness (40145) - CAPED

    Pathing difficulties
  8. Krispo

    Liverpool - Dawlish Warren 25/05

    I'm trying to buy tickets for me and my mother on this date, however I cannot seem to get any Advance tickets. Someone sugested that it might be because of the TT change. So, when will I be able to get tickets? It's sugesting times for me, like. Just no advace tickets.