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    Delay/Repay - Journies involving two train comapnies

    I fairly regularly travel from Fareham to Crewkerne using a through Off Peak Return ticket. This involves two trains, the GWR Portsmouth to Cardiff service then, changing at Salisbury, the SWR Waterloo to Exeter service. Both services are hourly with an advertised connection time at Salisbury...
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    GWR - cancelled trains and Delay/Repay

    My recent experience with GWR was on Saturday 21 April when many trains were cancelled due to driver shortage. I was on a Cardiff - Portsmouth Harbour train boarding 13:36 at Bath. Just before Westbury the guard came on the loudspeaker and announced that the train will now be terminating at...
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    Yeovil Junction to Crewkerne : £46 return

    The NationalRail site records a single journey for the one stop between Yeovil and Crewkerne as being £4.40 single, a return at £5.10 if you return the same day but a staggering £46 if you return the next day. I hope nobody falls for this. In fact all the return fares between any stations...
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    Stealth Off-Peak fare increases at weekends on SWT

    At the beginning of January SWT introduced Off-Peak fares at certain times of the day on Saturday, Sundays and Bank holidays. Until then Super Off-Peak fares were applicable all day. The effect of this is that day returns have increased by 20% if you travel up to London in the morning and back...
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    Britain's most expensive station car parks

    As reported in today's papers: Top 10 most expensive train station car parks in the UK are: Reading - £23.70 Southampton Airport Parkway - £15 Guildford - £14.50 Brighton - £13.10 Ebbsfleet - £12.60 Coventry - £12 Macclesfield - £12 Milton Keynes - £10.80 Billericay - £10.60...
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    Southampton to Manchester via Birmingham or London

    Q: Is it possible to get a Southampton to Manchester walk-on off peak return that allows you go travel via Birmingham one way and via London the other way ? I ask because a) I am travelling north on Thursday, day of tube strike so going via Birmingham is best b) I am returning on Sunday...
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    HSTs rostered between Kings Cross to York

    I was wondering if anyone knew which EC services are rostered for HSTs on the Kings Cross through York route, specifically on weekdays between 10:30 and 14:30. Ditto on the return journey back from York between the same times. On my trip I just thought I might like to go one way on a 91...
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    Train sets trapped in Devon and Cornwall

    With the collapse of the sea wall at Dawlish and the prospect of the line not being re=opened for many weeks, if not months, I was wondering how many train sets are, in effect, trapped in Devon and Cornwall, in particular HST sets and Cross Country Voyager sets. I realise that this is early...
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    DfT Feb 25th (2014) meeting on Hull-Selby electrification

    Attached is an interesting article from the Hull Daily Mail stating that there is going to be a meeting on Feb 25th with the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and MPs and business leaders from all around Hull...
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    Offord Cluny Level Crossing on ECML - has it been replaced by a bridge ?

    The local Cambridgeshire paper reports that the Offord Cluny Level Crossing south of Huntingdon on the ECML has been closed...
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    Today at Saltcoats

    Wow ... and it still seems to be going (Picture courtesy of the Daily Mail)
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    Does the current system actually encourage TOCs to cancel trains in bad weather

    I was reading elsewhere that on stormy days like today train companies may still incur financial penalties if their trains are late, but if they cancel them then there are no penalties. So announcing that there will be no trains until 09:00 is far better proposition for them than announcing...
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    Gross overcrowding on the 23:05 Waterloo to Poole service

    It's Friday 11 October and England are playing a World Cup qualifier match at Wembley in the evening. The result was that the 5-car Class 444 on the 23:05 was overcrowded; it was not until Winchester, an hour later, that everyone had a seat. Some of these late evening services to Bournemouth...
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    Late night train allocations to Southampton/Bournemouth

    Just a question perhaps someone could answer Are the 23:35 and 00:05 services from Waterloo normally rostered for 444 or 450 stock ? I know the later 01:05 service is normally Class 450 stock. Thanks
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    Gospel Oak to Barking electrification in next week's budget ?

    Everybody seems to want it and wants it completed by the time Crossrail is up and running. You never know. THis time it may just well happen. I hope so
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    Great story about a mobile phone passenger on London Midland

    All of a sudden, my opinion of London Midland has shot up dramatically Great story
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    New bidder for the WCML arrives

    There's always time for a smile
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    Not allowed onto platforms without a train ticket

    An interesting article about a person not being allowed on the platform to see her parents off. Apparently, according to ScotRail, this is due to security reasons. What a load of...
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    SWT and the Olympic challenge

    For months now the train companies have been telling us how much they are gearing up for the Olympics and yesterday on 'Super Saturday' ATOC put out a Press Release saying how half a million extra seats would be available. Undoubtedly true as that was in many parts of the country, I am not...
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    Great Western IEP order - Are there too many Bi-modes ?

    The order for Great Western IEPs is 21 electric 9-car trains (189 carriages) and 36 bi-mode 5-car trains (180 carriages). No electric 5-car trains have been ordered. My initial assessment is that too many bi-mode trains have been ordered at the expense of electric versions. Looking at the...