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    Why do people view the UK as being worse than other countries in certain areas when it isn't?

    Moderator note: Split from People "feel" UK is worst. That matters more than facts.
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    Liverpool Norwich service to be split at Nottingham

    The East Midlands Franchise award states: Three big questions: Was splitting the service the correct decision? Will the new service be run by TPE or Northern? What rolling stock will they use? My guess is that it will be TPE...
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    Article on solutions to congestion at Leeds Station (City Metric) How viable are his suggestions? Are any of them planned?
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    Economics of Riverbus services

    I was reading a newspaper article about new Riverbuses being bought for London and it made me wonder why no other UK city has any significant cross city services? I know Cardiff has a very limited opperation and Manchester has a small water taxis and there are cross river short journey ferries...
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    Is electrification needed to avoid a DMU order by 2020?

    This is a bit of a hybrid infrastructure / rolling stock thread. Different aspects of this have been discussed in different threads. I don't want this to end up another whinge about pacers and North/South divide. I am interested in the numbers! On the assumption that all pacers are scrapped by...
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    Is the WCML franchise necessary after HS2?

    I am leaning towards thinking that the planned service level for HS2 is going to be far too much and that at some point there will be a big push to increase usage to prevent it looking like a failure. Upon completion of HS2 is it necessary to have a Euston-Glasgow, Euston-Manchester or...
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    Chester services

    I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on the future of rail services for Chester and the surrounding areas in the long term ie. 10-30 years time? 1) Dee-Mersey link (Halton Curve) - It seems in short term there will be some sort of ATW service, if not then perhaps Northern Rail. In the...