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  1. Incontro

    (FGW) HST Car No's Please?

    Hi, Any knowledge of these arrangements? On 2012-03-11; 43093 - ? 43086 - ? 43122 - ? 43156 - ? Much appreciated.
  2. Incontro

    Class 150 Decoupling Randomly

    Been using RW for only about a week so far. Great game, and I got the payware Class 150 addon for RW3. However, during the built in Winter Scenario on Oxford Paddington (Called Bitter Morning or something along those lines) my train randomly loses carriages along the route. I am not driving...
  3. Incontro

    New Rail Buff from Down Under

    Hi all! Moved to the UK about one and a half years ago from Sydney, Australia. Obviously a keen rail fan, otherwise I wouldn't have joined this forum :p I live in Bristol city centre, and am thinking of maybe going somewhere tomorrow to film some network rail trains... Can anybody give me...