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    Can I make a reservation without booking a ticket?

    Some TOCs are currently running services that are more or less reservation compulsory, e.g. XC, EC and Avanti WC. Last week, I was going to make a journey with a forward leg on one of these TOCs. I therefore tried to buy a ticket on-line, in order to get the required reservations. However...
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    Isle of Man Restrictions

    The Isle of Man is now covid-free, Easyjet have resumed flights to Douglas, hotels (and all businesses) there have been allowed to re-open with no social distancing requirements, and I can now travel to the airport to get there, so things were starting to look hopeful for my holiday booked for...
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    Two Trains Collide in Swiss Mountain Tunnel

    collision of two trains in the tunnel near Oberwald VS
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    Delay Repay - Not Advised of Auto Rejection

    Yesterday, I submitted an on-line Delay Repay claim to TfW. Almost immediately, I received the standard acknowledgement email, and then two minutes later I received a second email saying: Thank you for your delay repay claim for your journey between London Euston and Porthmadog on 29/02/2020...
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    TfW Timetable Disparities

    Looking in the TfW pocket timetable for the Cambrian (timetable 1 on ) it shows the 1415 from Euston as the connection if you want to get the 1610 Birmingham International to Aberyswyth service. However, TFW's journey planner gives the 1443 (not...
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    Pilotman working on Cambrian today

    Disruption on the Cambrian today, as the Welshpool to Sutton Bridge section was being worked by pilotman. OTT showed my train arriving at Welshpool, but didn't see it departing. About 3/4 hour late arriving at New Street, where it was terminated short. What kind of fault could cause the loss...
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    Do all TVMs issue traditional card tickets?

    Currently, I have no way of buying a ticket for many of the journeys that I make, other than at destination or at a station where I changing trains. My Cambrian Coast station has neither a booking office nor TVM to either buy or collect a ticket, e and m tickets are not valid for cross-London...
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    Split Tickets - validity of advance fares if connection missed

    On Sunday, I travelled from the Cambrian Coast. When we got to Machynlleth, we were told the train was going no further, and were put on a replacement bus to Shrewsbury. Of course, by the time we got to Shrewsbury, our connecting services had long gone. Myself and various other people went...
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    Problem with OpenTrainTimes website?

    Is there a problem with The last couple of days I am just getting "ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved. The system returned: (110) Connection timed out"
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    What happens to Fare Income at Franchise Change?

    If Virgin sell a ticket now for travel after the franchise change, who gets the money? I suppose the same applies to any TOC that sells a ticket now for travel on the West Coast after the franchise change. I know that the money from a ticket sale gets divvied up according to what operators you...
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    Is twenty-nine days off work (for various reasons) "generous"?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #13 originally in this thread. That sounds pretty generous to me. After 20 days annual leave, that leaves 9 days for the other items. I never had a single day's unpaid or additional leave in my whole working career, my company would look seriously at any employee taking...
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    Why is E Ticket not Available?

    I am trying to book a senior-railcard off-peak return from Machynlleth to Euston a week or so in advance, with reservations. I would like to select e-ticket (print at home) as the collection option, but the only options the TfW, VTWC and XC web-sites are offering is m-ticket, collect from...
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    London Terminal ticket validity on West London Line Services

    The recent thread on cross-London travel got me thinking about the West London Line. Suppose I bought a ticket from East Croydon to "London Terminals" and got on one of the Southern services to Milton Keynes, how far would that ticket be valid to on that train? Clapham Junction? Likewise if I...
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    Available if Unoccupied

    Just to add to the great reservations debate..... A week or two back, I joined a Virgin train at Euston. The electronic seat displays in the coach I boarded showed virtually all the seats as "Available if unoccupied". As more people arrived, it became obvious that a lot of people had...
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    QR Codes on Tickets

    I recently purchased a ticket from the booking office at Euston that was a standard card ticket with magnetic stripe on the back, but it also has a QR code printed on the front (lower-right, just above the lower orange stripe) in addition to the usual info. This is the first time I have seen a...
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    Unable to buy ticket

    I am travelling tomorrow from Porthmadog to Gatwick Airport. The ticket to cover my journey will be an Off-Peak return, costing £61.40 with a railcard. I have a single Rail Travel Voucher valid for slightly more than this, which I wish to use as this is the only journey I am likely to be...
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    Personalised Timetables

    EMT used to have a really good tool for creating personalised timetables. It would allow you to ask for a timetable for the whole day, or to specify any start or end time to the minute, whereas National Rail's equivalent tool only allows you to select predefined hourly slots, with a maximum...
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    Northern Services from Derby

    I may be teaching grannies to suck eggs here, but in all the years (decades) that I have been using Derby station, I hadn't realised that Northern run a "regular" service from Derby, I thought that EMT and XC were the only operators. But arriving at Derby station late-ish last night, I spotted...
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    Sunday's Signalling Failure at Machynlleth

    I note from the BBC News that a "signalling fault" appears to have shut the whole Cambrian network on Sunday, with trains between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth, Pwllheli, and Shrewsbury all being cancelled. Anybody know anything more? Something to do...
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    Does the NRCoT apply to cross-London transfers, and can you claim delay compensation from LU?

    Moderator note: split from I don't think you can claim delay repay for being delayed on the tube, even with a through ticket.