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    Craigentinny Derailment (29/11)

    Havoc at Edinburgh this morning due to derailment at Craigentinny
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    Future of Cross Country Services?

    With the new proposed services for TPE in Scotland on the East Coast Mainline starting in 2019, will there still be a need for XC services in Scotland in their new franchise? I may be over thinking it but it seems that the Scottish Leg of the ECML South of Edinburgh may be getting a bit busy...
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    Perth Station

    Is anyone aware if any plans to resignal Perth Station? I had a look around the station the other day and the signalling seems quite complicated esp in platforms 3&4. I spoke with station staff that mentioned there are plans to build an HST stabling facility at the South as the sets will not be...
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    Trainee Drivers TPE

    Phone not letting me put link on again.. TPE looking for Trainees at various locations details on First Group careers website.
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    New Freight Terminal Scotland

    Watched this one with interest, looks like Scottish government have overruled the local council on this one. Well needed positive development for freight in Scotland imo...
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    Freightliner Intermodal Anglo Scottish Rolling Stock

    Am I right in saying that FLIM still use Class 86s on their Anglo Scottish flows? Do they also use Class 66 and 70s, I would have thought 86s were on their last legs surely for that level of mileage :o
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    Scotrail Dumfries

    Scotrail are looking for a Trainee Driver and a conductor at Dumfries.. Details on their website, I can copy the link over for some reason
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    DRS Stobart

    Does anyone have an idea as to how long the contract is between DRS and Stobart Rail for the Tesco Intermodal?
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    GBRf order another 5 66 locos

    GBRf have posted on their Facebook page that they have ordered another 5 locos (power packs already in UK, crafty) They must be gearing up for new contract wins with amount of new locos they have in the company
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    DRS Class 37s ?

    Can I ask why DRS use class 37s in their nuclear work instead of 66s? Is it technical reasons or just that they don't currently have the stock?( until 68/88 are in full regular service)
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    DRS Trainee Trainwoman/Man

    DRS looking for above role in Crewe and Carlisle Looks interesting and varied good luck
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    DRS 66 future

    With the arrival of the new (in my opinion stunning) 68 loco and imminently its sister the 88 , what will DRS use their 66 fleet for going forward?
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    Star Wars (possible spoilers for Star Wars VII)

    Anyone got any theories on possible plot lines for new film this year? Who is the new baddie? Is it the inquisitor?
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    DRS Scotland

    Does anyone have the timings of the container trains coming in and out of Grangemouth and Mossesnd?
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    I've been asked by a colleague if anyone can advise on what routes Scotrail Inverness sign, shift times etc is it a good depit as she wants to relocate North.. Any advice will be gratefully passed on Drivers I am enquiring about
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    Heaton Depot

    Out of interest can anyone advise how many East Coast sets are stabled/maintained at Heaton depot?
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    IEP - will they go to Great Western or East Coast first?

    Apologies mods if you think this should go into Rolling stock but there is a bit of everything here.. Don't know if this has been discussed but I believe GWML is due to get the new trains first but there seems to be delays and spiralling costs already with electrification and uncertainty...
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    Scotrail HSTs?

    Today's rail magazine has mentioned that HSTs being replaced by IEP are being considered by other franchise bidders including Scotrail! Presumably for Aberdeen/Inverness - Edinburgh/Glasgow Thoughts?
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    Swansea FGW Services will they need to stop at Bristol Parkway?

    With 4 TPH and two of those going via Parkway from Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington will there still be a need for Swansea and Cardiff services to stop at Parkway?
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    Virgin Trains QUALIFIED Drivers

    Virgin are looking for Qualified Drivers at;Euston, Preston, Wolves, Manchester... Best Wishes to those that apply