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  1. DJ737

    Oyster/Contactless question

    G'day I will be in the UK next month and have an Oyster card from last year, but I have just registered a contactless card on the same account. Can one person use the Oyster card and another use the contactless card on the same journey? Will it cause any issues as both cards are on the same...
  2. DJ737

    What to do in Stalybridge?

    I'm doing Stockport-Stalybridge on 16th June, however on this day the service only runs from Stockport and there are no other trains at Stalybridge due to engineering works. I have a hotel booked in Ashton-under-Lyne but can't check in until 14:00 and the station buffet at Stalybridge doesn't...
  3. DJ737

    Extending a Britrail England pass to travel to Cardiff

    Hi there Just ordered a Britrail England pass for my trip this year, but will need to travel to & from Cardiff a couple of times. Can the guard/conductor issue Pilning-Cardiff & vice versa tickets, and does the train need to stop at Pilning? Any advice welcomed :) Cheers DJ737 Melbourne...
  4. DJ737

    Britrail Pass question

    G'day Just a quick question, Can I validate a Britrail Pass at Walthamstow Central? And if so will the ticket office know what to do with it, as my 1st trip will be from Walthamstow to Liverpool St on the Chingford train. Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
  5. DJ737

    1st upgrade Newton Abbot to Reading

    G'day For my upcoming trip to the UK, I will be travelling on the 07:32 Newton Abbot to Paddington service as far as Reading to avail myself of the breakfast service. I guessing the restaurant car will be quite busy with 1st class passengers. Can I pay an excess on my Britrail Pass to 1st...
  6. DJ737

    UK Trip 2016

    G'day Back again in the UK in May 2016, this time not laden down with family, just myself. Last year I developed an illness which saw me in the Slough hospital A&E at 06:00 on the day I was due to fly back to Melbourne, they weren't sure what was wrong with me, so gave me a script for some...
  7. DJ737

    EMT Weekend First

    G'day A quick question I am travelling from Nottingham to London St Pancras on Sat 14 May and noticed that the 0832 ex Nottingham offers full breakfast service, If I pay the £10 upgrade fee am I entitled to the breakfast service? The EMT website has this to say on the matter : I will be...
  8. DJ737

    Oops, wrong date on Britrail pass

    G'day 1st day on the Britrail pass today for a trip down to Kent on HS1, got the pass validated ok at St Pancras this morning, after 4 ticket checks I noticed I put 3rd May instead of today. All went ok and no one noticed, what would have been the penalty if someone picked up on the wrong date...
  9. DJ737

    SIM Cards for visit to UK

    G'day Can anyone recommend the best value SIM cards for a month long visit to the UK? I will need a phone SIM for calls & txt and a data SIM for my Ipad Air. I don't really need more than £20 for the phone or £40 for the Ipad so a total spend of about £60 (4G data access is more...
  10. DJ737

    Upcoming Britrail itinerary

    G'day From May 3 until May 29 I will be in the UK from Australia and using a Britrail 15days in 2mths pass. This is the plan for my Britrail Pass and I will update this post with unit numbers and other interesting bits as I go along. I've only used 13 of my 15 days due to other...
  11. DJ737

    St Pancras-Ashford-Gravesend?

    G'day On my upcoming trip to the UK, I will be visiting Ashford in Kent on one of the days, but I am not keen on using one of my Britrail pass days for this trip. I had a look at the Southeastern website and found a £16.00 Anytime single from St Pancras to Gravesend on a train that takes...
  12. DJ737

    FGW Seat reservations

    G'day After sorting out the Scotrail / Serco sleeper kerfuffle (see other thread) , I booked my elderly mother on a train from Paddington to Swansea (with connection to Lamphey) with an Senior R/C advance and she was allocated seat in coach A, seat 6, I emailed FGW with a seat request at the...
  13. DJ737

    Britrail pass & Caledonian Sleeper

    G'day Just got off the phone with Caledonian Sleeper, I was trying to book Standard Solo berths for May, The consultant seemed to think that sleeper berths are included in the cost of Britrail Passes, he took my travel details and will get back to me. As far as I know I need to pay the...
  14. DJ737

    Feel like a change of scenery?

    G'day Bring plenty of money, you'll need it :wink: Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
  15. DJ737

    Britrail pass question

    Hi there Planning a trip to the UK in JUL or Aug this year and i am considering a one month consecutive Britrail pass. Prices are : 1st class A$1345/£928 & Standard A$899/£620 I will only need 1st on the following journeys : Reading-Swansea O/W Bristol-Plymouth RTN Manchester-Glasgow...
  16. DJ737

    Right track for savings

    G'day This item about how Australian travellers to the UK can save on rail tickets is in this mornings (Saturday) edition of Melbourne's The Age Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
  17. DJ737

    Easement 300444 question

    G'day What exactly does this easement mean? "300444 Customers travelling from and to Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3 Heathrow Terminal 4 and Heathrow Terminal 5 may doubleback between Southall and London Paddington. This easement applies in both directions." Can I get a ticket from...
  18. DJ737

    Britrail pass question

    G'day A couple of questions for the on train staff that frequent this forum : How many Britrail Passes do you encounter? Do you think it would be better if an Overseas visitor railcard was introduced instead of the Britrail Pass, say a 90 day validity for a price of about £30 allowing...
  19. DJ737

    East Anglia season ticket question

    G'day Perhaps someone here can help me. Is a Cheshunt-Norwich 7 day season (Route NOT LONDON) valid via Stratford or is Stratford considered London? Cheers DJ737 Melbourne, Australia
  20. DJ737

    Elsenham to Lamphey (The scenic route)

    G'day Having got bored with the usual Elsenham - Liv St / Paddington - Swansea - Lamphey route I have been a bit creative and booked this for the Tue 28th FEB. 0752 Elsenham - 0823 Cambridge 0838 Cambridge - 0853 Ely 0900 Ely - 0939 Peterborough 0951 Peterborough - 1040 Doncaster...