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    SW London in June 2006

    Nice angle of the 744 and 346 at the end of the collection, truly magical.
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    Electrification announcement this summer

    What would happen to the FGW trams (HSTs) ?
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    Flight Gear

    Word? if you mean world, sadly not. Only my normal patches, (EGLL,KPHX,OMAA,OMBD,KSFO).
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    New devices at Ashurst New Forest

    There isn't any of them at Teddington,Fulwell,Hampton Wick, Hounslow,Ashford MDDX, Whitton,Strawberry hill or Upper Halliford. Aye Mr A :wink:
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    Flight Gear

    I agree, the graphics aren't bad either!.
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    Donny - Brighton tour

    Cor!!! - I would have paid a lot for the bash on those beasties, any ideas on locos?
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    BVE Trains/Routes

    He's a new member :lol:, just fire at him.
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    Donny - Brighton tour

    Well on 3rd rail they can shift.
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    NXEA - Two New Passing Loops

    I guess so - They can't predict it will all go via the ECML anyway with the recession going on.
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    Flight Gear

    For anyone that doesn't want to pay the £25 for FSX Deluxe, you can get Flight Gear for free which is pretty good and comes with a fairly large selection of aircraft. Link here ->
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    Eastleigh100 openweekend - Tickets now ON SALE

    There are people coming from Scotland for the open day... although I can see your point as engineering works are such effort. I am lucky to have got mine they sold out a few weeks ago!.
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    Donny - Brighton tour

    EDs will be fine on any load, even if its load 11 you'll be fine.
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    NXEA - Two New Passing Loops

    Why the ECML? Also, what happens about freight from the south?
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    TrainSim Screenshots [Large Images]

    I don't know how to make it into HD but you could make the res 1280x1024 - that usaully helps me if I want the quality to be better.
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    Rail Simulator 2 - Railworks

    Excellent, with RS2 news I shall wait lol
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    71 year old convicted of skating

    I think this is old news, as we know how screwed up some parts of our country our. We know Chavs get away with most things... It just seems like a major cock up to me.
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    Banbury ICC - The Review!

    Your such a lucky git ! :lol:
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    That be me :lol:
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    Half term

    I sleep in Half Terms :lol: :wink:
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    I thought Hadley Woods middle platform was Out of Bounds... I will wait until next weekend hopefally - Tornado and Clan Line together :D