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    GTR Delay Repay following a Fail to Call

    Just had an email back from GTR regarding a delay on the 10th October. I was attempting to travel from Stevenage to Arlesley on the 12:44 service. This train was upwards of 30 late and the stops at Arlesley, Sandy and St. Neots were ripped out. I had to alight at Hitchin as a result. The next...
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    Track Diagrams

    I'm after taking track coverage to the next level. I've currently got a Baker Atlas, however I've covered a fair bit of the track in that now-with the exception of areas I've never visited at all. The Quail atlases look perfect-however the North West & Midlands one (covering my local area) has...
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    Person not known at this address

    Just recieved a phone call from a family member asking if I was expecting a letter from a FirstGroup TOC. I'm not expecting anything delay repay wise that I can think of, though I have got a job application ongoing, and have been told it's a completely different name on the letter. It's a...
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    New Phone

    Right. Looks like my trusty Samsung Galaxy S6 of 2.5 years has given up. Was on charge in the kitchen at 89%, unplugged it and went to switch it on in the living room. Nothing. Not a thing. This was an hour ago, and it's still lifeless. I'm going to take it into Samsung tomorrow to look at...
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    Northern class 153 diagrams

    Would anyone have a list of the booked workings of Northern 153s through Leeds on Mondays-Fridays and/or Saturdays? Still need 4 Northern 153s!
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    Nottingham Tram distances

    Trying to work out the mileage from my farce of a trip to Nottinghamshire 3 weeks or so back. Struggling to find the required mileages for the NET network-they aren't on the forum and a quick search has sent me to the distances just for the extensions. Help?:D I need: Bulwell-Hucknall...
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    Advance fare pricing discrepency

    Not come across this before. Searched on NRE on my way into Liverpool for advances to and from Glasgo in October. This is a journey I do several times a year, so am familiar with the correct fares-NRE was displaying £7.90 railcard advances each way from Warrington to Glasgow. I've just gone...
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    Purchasing of 16-18 Merseytravel Saveaways

    On the 31st July, Merseyrail introduced a requirement to have ID to purchase a 16-18 ticket. Since then, I've had several problems purchasing a ticket. The posters advertising the requirement clearly state that you must have a Merseyrail ID Card, Passport or Driving License. I've just...
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    Merseyrail Young Person Tickets

    I've been made aware that, after 31st July, Merseyrail's 'Young Person' tickets-namely 16-18 Daysavers and 16-18 Saveaways will not be sold without photographic ID. Merseyrail are providing a photocard free of charge. The posters at stations say that a Driving Licence or Passport will be...
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    Express Motors X1 fares

    Just a quick one (thanks to my strict shack scratching rules), anyone know how much the single fare is from Glan Conwy (or Llandudno Junction) to Dolgarrog or Llanrwst? Thanks in advance :)
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    Penalty Fare Schemes

    I've just phoned the Customer Relations department of a TOC that operates a 'Penalty Fake' scheme-ie. One that the TOC wants people to think is a penalty fare, but is not regulated by the Penalty Fare rules (Merseyrail being an example of a TOC conforming to the official Penalty Fare rules)...
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    Clapham Junction Derailment

    NRE reporting a Derailment in the depot near Clapham Junction-with disruption to be expected until midday at London Waterloo.
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    185143-Trip Publishing Expected?

    London Midland shack clearout (04/02) First serious trip report , so feel free to give feedback. Not sure if I’m planning to make this a regular thing, and I’d be lying if I said I was doing this one to make Southport-Liverpool South Parkway feel a bit quicker! Here goes: I was awake at...
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    What happens if a passenger of an invalid ticket has no means to pay for a new one?

    What happens if a passenger does not have the means to pay the anytime single to the next station? On EMT at super off peak time (for example) that could be quite a lot more than the passenger was expecting to be charged!
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    Red Pen 2017 - Your New Haulages

    I think there was a thread last year to post any required units you had haulage out of? I'd like to kick off 2017 with 350266!
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    Kidderminster-Bedford direct train

    This evening, there is a direct train from Kidderminster-Bedford, departing at 17:30. It is operated by London Midland with a class 2 headcode according to RTT. What's this all about? And can I board it with a walk up from New Street to International?
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    Tram drivers using mobile phones

    I'm not naming the tram system I'm on as I'm not necessarily after getting the guy in trouble, but I've just alighted a tram where I had noticed the driver using a mobile phone while the tram was moving at around 70kph. Thinking of the recent tram derailment in Croydon (ok-that wasn't a driver...
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    Excess Fares Query

    I hold an Off Peak Day Return ticket from Preston to Blackpool North for today, which cost £4.80 with a railcard. I went to the ticket office at BPN and asked to excess the return to Wigan, for which I was charged £3.60. Was this correct, I was under the impression that it was half of the...
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    Class 390 internal doors.

    On most (all?) Pendolinos now, one exit door has 'stripes' and one dosen't. I tweeted VT about this a while back but the tweeter clearly...
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    Inappropriate 'Jokes' on Twitter

    Reading twitter earlier I noticed some clown (I hope, or this is a genuine threat). Posting this to TPE. Not sure what to make of this to be honest. Either way, TPE have (naturally) taken this extremely seriously and reported this to...