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    Flight Gear

    For anyone that doesn't want to pay the £25 for FSX Deluxe, you can get Flight Gear for free which is pretty good and comes with a fairly large selection of aircraft. Link here ->
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    What lenses do you use for your DSLR?

    What lenses do you use?, I use 18-70 and 70-300. Anyone else?
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    Wimbledon, Surbiton and Clapham Junction (24.1.09)

    Since the RUK LHR meet failed, I had forgotten and couldn't go anyway. I decided to take the plung and go on my own photting in my area and Clapham. Here are the results, Any Criticism is welcome:
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    Us Airways Aircaft crash in New York, Hudson river

    A US Airways plane, has crashed into the Hudson River, NY - from the BBC it looks like an a320, and they say there isn't any terrorism involved.
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    Diversity - Does anyone have any ideas?

    Correct me if I spelt this wrong, but does anyone know its definition or what it means in Photography?. Thank You, Frederick. :wink:
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    I've got a light covering of snow here in glorious Kingston, Surrey :| Anywhere else?
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    Tornados first Southern Working

    Its good to know that she will come via me before going to Kent :wink:. Does anyone have any updates to make on the situation on what is happen on that day?
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    A Review of 2008 - Wider Range Videos :) - Have a Happy New Year, From Fred.
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    DSLR Sensor Cleaning...

    Well I have no idea how it has come to this: :shock: Does anyone know how to fix it? Help much appreciated, thanks!
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    RAW Converting

    Does anyone know of any useful freeware for converting RAW files to JPEG ? Thank You, Fred.
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    D-SLRs without live view; how do you cope?

    People such as Phoenix upgraded from a brave Fuji S5700 to a D-SLR that did not have live view. I am asking you now, how do you cope without it?, what are your thoughts on being without it?. Thanks, Fred.
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    Sigma and Tamron AF film lenses.

    Regarding the fact that you can fit a minolta AF lense to a Sony, would I be able to do the same with a sigma 18-105 and Tamron 28-200?. Both of these are AF, and have been fitted to a Minolta AF SLR. Thank You, Fred.
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    Who have you met?

    Ive done this ages ago but its got bigger :lol:! 960012 class313(he was flailing) Jonb James109 other fred desiro5(ukts) gizmogle littleredtrain fab444(FINALLY) nath9425 wayne radford (lots of times lol) josh4468 RJ- he was looking out of a window and got off at woking... Ilove165s - At Clapham...
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    Ive seen 3 reviews that suggest the D60 isn't very good compared to the D40, but two suggest its better. Anyone have any suggestions?.
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    Kew Gardens Bus stops

    I wouldn't normally ask this but I am really stuck, does anyone know where Victoria Gate is at Kew Gardens please, as I need to know as I will be going on wednesday. Thanks, Fred.
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    Whats best Nikon D40 or Sony A200?

    I'm stuck :(, and I don't always ask for things/ideas/reviews, but I'm stuck on weather to save for the Nikon D40 or the Sony A200: - Sony A200 - Nikon D40 Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    RSDL 37 Screenshots (From UKTS by RSderek) Cor thanks Adam/derek :grin:
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    Dorset Dumpling 6th September 2008 33 + TNT+ 73.[LARGE FILES]

    Yesterday myself and the other fred went on Spitfire Railtours ''Dorset Dumpling'', the traction was provided by WCRC and PMT. It was a great tour and here is a few pictures: (I'll add a better description later:P) Lack of Pictures is due to soo much video, more later.
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    Spitfire Railtours -Dorset Dumpling.

    Anyone else booked onto this tour?
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    Railtours in the south?

    Lets see if we can have some down south tours...