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    Bus with Shortest working lives

    Quest has already been mentioned. Excelsior of Bournemouth bought several, but didn't know how long they stayed.
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    Ribble existing bus depots

    This is the Fleetwood depot in 1981, There's also this photo from Keswick in 1972, with what looks like a depot building behind the coach. And this whole group, where...
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    Ribble existing bus depots

    Skipton became a carpet showroom I believe.
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    Competition heats up between Transdev and Connexions

    Well with regards to Moffat and Williamson, stagecoach were put on restricted covenants until summer 1996. But after Moffat's withdrew most of their services in summer 1994, stagecoach were released from the covenants.
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    Worst " Bus war"?

    Weybus v southern national in Weymouth, Dorset, was one where there were arguments between drivers. The local tc got involved, and both firms received restrictions. Southern national were banned from route 1 to Portland bill. They bypassed the ruling by registering the service under the Dorset...
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    Berwick Railway Station Vandalism.

    Its a crime scene, so really the northumbria police and possibly the btp will make the decision when a clean up can begin.
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    The old Tyne Dock BR station

    Looking on Google Streetview, I noticed on Boldon way, there are old railway walls between the arched footbridge, and todays metro bridge. At one point, it looks like there has been an access bricked up. I say that, as the bricks look similar to those around it, but are not exactly the same...
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    Solari boards

    One of the miniature solari boards, that you would find on platforms, is also preserved by the Network Southeast Railway Society. There's a video of it on their Facebook page, in perfect working order. The one at Paddington was gone by 1989, as that year the West Ealing incident took place...
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    The old Tyne Dock BR station

    Many thanks. Looking at the National Museum of Scotland link, I can now see what the track layout was. The old BR line was double track through Tyne dock, to an island platform. The single track bridge I mentioned carried the line to South Shields. The Newcastle bound line would've joined the...
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    The old Tyne Dock BR station

    A google search by me has found just one image, of the old Tyne Dock BR station, which closed in 1981. The station is not on the exact same site as the present Tyne Dock Metro station, AFAIK. But, where exactly was the Tyne Dock BR station, and was it a single track or twin track island...
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    With regards to ADL, last year, Stagecoach East Scotland received 18 brand new ADL E400MMCs, and one of them arrived carrying Preston Bus legal lettering. ADL simply put the wrong legals on, but John Asquith told me in an email, they have been considering, at Preston Bus, ADL recently. In fact...
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    Class 141s - How far from Yorkshire did they get?

    A 141 was once at Leicester. A photo was shown in motive power monthly at the time. It had been at the rtc at derby, and was working special trials between derby and Leicester.
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    Towns without services from the Big 3

    Here in Fife Auchtertool is served solely by Bay Travel, since they took over the contract for route 18 from Stagecoach Fife. Ceres used to be on that list, but an extended express service from Stagecoach Fife serves that small village now. Also, is Cardiff Bus the sole operator in the town of...
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    In the 1988 publication "Rail portofilos 7 - the 47s" there's a photo of 47406, with the Rail Riders nameplates, leaving Clapham Junction, 20 minutes late, with the 16:15 Manchester Piccadilly - Newhaven service, so it did find use anywhere!
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    Halton Transport

    Any news on any disposals from the fleet, and where to?
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    Stagecoach North Scotland

    According to "Fleet News Scotland", in the February 2020 issue of Buses, Aarons coaches, Wick, recently sold Mercedes Benz Tourino BX07 NMM, but the destination of the coach wasn't given, just saying it left the fleet in November. Was this the troublesome coach, or has their been another...
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    Halton Transport

    It's easy to be wise after the event, but when you look at the initiatives other firms are trying, one that sprung to mind was the Little and Often trial by Stagecoach in Ashford. I just wonder if perhaps Halton, a few years ago, had they tried that sort of thing, if things may have been...
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    Halton Transport

    An official statement has now appeared on the halton Borough council website, confirming the news many on this forum expected.
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    What's happening to First Manchester's buses coming off hire.

    Could Rotala possibly lease vehicles in from another group, such as Stagecoach? It's a long shot, but it depends who has vehicles available.
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    Halton Transport

    It is possible to register a replacement service, with VERY short notice. I emailed Stagecoach MCSL once about this, I think it was to replace Fishwicks of Leyland. Stagecoach were allowed to register the replacement services with just 48 hours notice. However, this involved telephone calls to...