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    KWVR Winter Steam Gala 10th-12th Febuary

    Its almost here, one of the best steam galas of the year (in my opinion XD). The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway's winter steam gala!!!!! The Winter Steam Gala takes place between Friday 10th - Sunday 12th February 2012 featuring up to 7 locomotives in steam including recently restored LNWR...
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    What can I do as a volunteer?

    I would suggest the KWVR, i have been volunteering there since last December and its been amazing. The line isn't very big but its not too small, plus there is lots of different jobs to do.
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    S&D - DMU at Midsomer starts passenger services

    Is there another station for the DMU to run to?
  4. Haworth MPD

    Haworth MPD

    A selection of pics from inside Haworth MPD, Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
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    Favourite stretch of line in UK?

    Mine is the Settle-Carlisle line, purely because of Ribblehead Viaduct. Plus it has the connection to the Airedale Line, which has the KWVR attached to it.
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    Specials/Freight traffic through Doncaster

    Thanks guys, but due to a friend having an operation, i can only go as far as Leeds, can i ask where you get the timings from please? Just to save you the hassle of getting them for me. :)
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    Specials/Freight traffic through Doncaster

    Hello, 8:10 until about 4ish, Thanks
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    Specials/Freight traffic through Doncaster

    Hello, does anyone know if of any freight traffic or special trains (e.g loco movements) that are going through Doncaster next Wednesday (21st). Thanks -Steven-
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    SC008 (Snow) :: Voting

    Number 3, purely because i love 4Fs, plus i was volunteering that day. :)
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    Freight Traffic through Keighley station

    Hi, Does any one know if there is any freight trains going through Keighley station tomorrow. Regards, Steven.
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    Signals information

    They still have them at Skegness station, along with the box :)
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    I like the idea of putting your feet up at 70mph :)
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    Station 'Secrets'

    Does anyone know where that abandoned loco shed is. :)
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    Station 'Secrets'

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how to get to the discarded pacer cab underneath Man Vic station. Thanks, :)
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    Direct Rail Services Ltd "Cruise Saver Express" (4th November 2011)

    Does this train go through Leeds, i know it doesn't stop there but it would be good to see it.
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    'The Jorvic Explorer III' Platform Numbers at York.

    Does anybody know what platform number 'The Jorvic Explorer III' comes in at York. Thanks, Steven.
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    The cost of a railway carriage

    No problem, its given me something to aim for aswell! :)
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    The cost of a railway carriage

    Is this any help:, or this:
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    What time does the early morning East Coast service go through Keighley?

    Its the Skipton to KX service. Thanks, Steven