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  1. londonmidland

    Leicester Station remodelling

    Hi all. I have heard that the Beal Street head-shunt (the short siding under the north end bridge) is to be ripped up and replaced with a new line, allowing freight trains from platform 1 to access Humberstone Road sidings without having to cross on to the mainline and back off again. This is...
  2. londonmidland

    Storm Dennis disruption 15th & 16th

    Just an advanced warning for potential disruption this weekend due to Storm Dennis passing over the country. The system will be slow moving which will result in high rainfall totals so flooding is likely. Especially as river levels will not have returned to their usual levels by the time it...
  3. londonmidland

    Sheffield station congestion

    This is nothing new and is well documented on here but I was just wondering if there are any plans in the future to cope with this problem? This evening I witnessed what could be described as a snowball effect. A late running Southbound XC service in P8 caused the EMR London service to...
  4. londonmidland

    Class 80X - poor sound and thermal insulation

    After travelling on several LNER Azuma’s all over the place, one thing that has struck me for a brand new train is how poor the insulation is. When travelling at high speed, you often hear that ‘draft’ sound throughout the carriage. This is when the vestibule doors are closed too. Another...
  5. londonmidland

    What is the plan for the Leicester capacity works project?

    If and when the Leicester capacity works take place, am I right that a flyover will be be erected from South Wigston carrying freight and XC services over the MML thus reducing conflict? Also I assume the tunnel which is disused at Knighton is wide enough for double track to travel through it...
  6. londonmidland

    WMR/LNWR Staff shortages

    I’m currently waiting at Liverpool Lime Street and it appears both the 16:33 and 17:05 services to London Euston have been cancelled due to ‘a shortage of train crew’. The service appears to restart at Birmingham New Street and goes forward to London Euston. The same thing happened a few days...
  7. londonmidland

    Request: FGW/GWR 2016 timetable

    Hello, does anyone have a copy or know where I can find information of the old 2016 FGW/GWR timetable? Specifically HST services to/from Paddington. Thanks.
  8. londonmidland

    Weather related disruption 10/08

    Just an advanced warning of anyone traveling out on the trains tomorrow to check their journey beforehand. With strong winds and trees in full leaf, the wind speeds will have much more of an effect than say in winter, where most trees are bare. Expect there to be some fallen trees just about...
  9. londonmidland

    East Midlands Railway livery and station branding

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss and post your findings of any changes you see on trains and at stations following the transition from East Midlands Trains to East Midlands Railway. This includes both station and train signage, logo’s, station colour schemes etc. No matter how big or...
  10. londonmidland

    Heat related issues (25 July 2019 and subsequent days)

    Just a heads up. With tomorrow potentially experiencing record breaking temperatures (up to 40 degrees), quite a few TOC's have an amended service in place to minimise delays and are also advising not to travel unless necessary. Up to date information is available on the National Rail Enquires...
  11. londonmidland

    Major disruption between Grantham and Peterborough 10/07

    Owing to overhead wire problems between Grantham and Peterborough, all lines are blocked, with major disruption expected. LNER are advising people to defer travel to tomorrow. Does anyone have any more info on the extent of the damage?
  12. londonmidland

    East Midlands Control Centre (EMCC) down (11/03)

    At present there is disruption across the whole of the East Midlands network caused by (a loss of power) at the East Midlands Control Centre. It's reported that there has been a change of aspect in various areas and many trains are at a standstill. It has affected the CIS along with many other...
  13. londonmidland

    Washwood Heath yard

    Going past Washwood Heath today, I noticed the old metal wagons (I don’t know what they’re actual for or called), which have been there for years, have finally been moved. Strangely they have been placed (by a crane?) across the tracks and I presume they are awaiting road transport for scrap...
  14. londonmidland

    Midland Mainline (South) capacity issues

    Primarily focusing on the Bedford to London St Pancras section of the line, it is quite obvious there are some pathing and capacity issues. I am currently on an East Midlands Trains ‘fast’ service to London St Pancras, 1C42 to be specific. Everything appears to be fine until we started...
  15. londonmidland

    Why do 180s sound the way they do?

    Despite having the same engines as Voyagers and Meridians (Cummins QSK19), what in particular makes these sound different? One specific thing that sounds different (on the interior) is the constant ‘humming’ sound and high pitched scream when accelerating. They almost sound identical to the...
  16. londonmidland

    Disruption between London Paddington and Slough 16/17th Oct 2018

    Currently all lines are blocked between Paddington and Slough due to damage to the overhead electric wires. Does anyone have anymore information on this and what caused it? Thanks.
  17. londonmidland

    Horbury Jn - why so slow?

    As the title states, does anyone know why this part of the line between Sheffield and Leeds (via Kirkgate) is so slow? On the approach to Wakefield Kirkgate from the South, it seems to crawl at around 15/20mph for quite some time before speeding up only to slow down again for Kirkgate...
  18. londonmidland

    Possible disruption due to snow (weekend of 9-10 December)

    With snow forecast over the next couple of days, especially on Sunday, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread. Currently, it looks like North Wales and the Midlands will be the most likely affected areas, with up to 20 cm of snow on high ground. Some snow possible for other areas...
  19. londonmidland

    Disruption between Rugby and Northampton

    I’ve just had unconfirmed reports that a London Midland service (350) has been damaged by a freight train. Apparently something loose on the consist, whether that be on the loco or wagon, has caused some damage.
  20. londonmidland

    Knighton Junction (Leicester) works?

    Does anyone know what the purpose of all the works that is currently going on at Knighton Junction is all about? Work has took place on the junction of where the line to Coalville diverges off the mainline. From what I have seen, a lot of devegetation has took place and this makes me wonder...