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    New google site

    Now that I have taken most my pictures down from Railway Herald, I am uploading them to my new Google site, it is still work in progress but some people might like some of the shots. So here is the link, Thanks
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    Microsoft ICE picture of Patchway station

    I was testing out Microsoft ICE and went to Patchway sation to take multiple images and make them into one larger image, here it is.
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    86621 running a little hot

    86621 was captured going past a webcam but it was running a little too hot as can be seen in this video.
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    guess the station

    the aim is to guess the station that im describing 1)it has 3 platforms, it has been renamed 3 times, it has three words in its current name, it is served by first great western. 2)it is served by northern (i feel sorry for the 213,000 people who use it),it is a terminus and it only has...
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    world steam speed records

    what date and time did Mallard break the world steam speed record
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    the aim is to name the locos steam 4468 390012 60009 600019 60163 3440 diesel locos/electrics 67017 390012
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    bristol docks 3rd loco

    in wiki it said that there were 3 steam locos but i dont know were any pics are can you help