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  1. cjohnson

    Leatherhead - Three Bridges

    The better half is likely to be making a number of Leatherhead (LHD) to Three Bridges (TBD) journeys in the future, and ideally would like to keep options flexible in terms of routes or have the option to go via London. However, as there is no Any Permitted fare for this route this doesn't seem...
  2. cjohnson

    "£100m" claim launched against TOCS re: Boundary zone tickets

    From the Evening Standard:
  3. cjohnson

    Impending closure of the Paddington to South Ruislip direct route

    Spotted a Chiltern unit in the bay platform at West Ealing today; RTT suggests there are a few ECS movements between there and South Ruislip this week. Is this a precursor to a change in the infrequent service that currently goes to/from Paddington?
  4. cjohnson

    Route “VIA WIMBLEDON PK” tickets

    Is there any way of getting booking engines to show these routes? E.g. Epsom-U123 Anytime return
  5. cjohnson

    "The ten-hundred hours service to..."

    Passing through a London terminus this morning, was surprised to hear the auto-announcer describing a 10:00 service as the "Ten-hundred hours service". Why is this method of describing times on the hour used for announcements? Why not the more far more commonly used "10 o'clock" or "10 a.m."...
  6. cjohnson

    Heathrow Connect suspended all day (13/10/17)

    Due to "large number of trains are requiring urgent repairs" according to NRE. Is this something that has gone drastically wrong with the 360s overnight? Or is it a repeat of the previous 332 issue (where HEx found defects the 332s, so "borrowed" the 360s resulting in no units available to run...
  7. cjohnson

    Annual Oyster to paper season changeover

    Currently hold a Z1-3 annual season ticket on Oyster, but need to change over to an Ashtead-Z1-6 season ticket. Assuming this Oyster > paper change is possible: - where is best to get this done? - how much will it cost (original ticket starting 3 Jan 2017 was £1,548; changeover date of 18...
  8. cjohnson

    Crossrail 2

    New consultation and further details released by TfL/NR today Tooting Broadway option looks to have been dropped in favour of Balham, as a station at the former seems too difficult to construct. Service...
  9. cjohnson

    Railcard app planned by ATOC Won't include Gold Cards or Network Railcard. Press release also provides some approximate numbers on railcards currently in circulation: 16-25 Railcard 1,524,948 Two Together Railcard 241,850...
  10. cjohnson

    HEx "advance" tickets

    Are these relatively new? £6.99 single if booked 90 days in advance, £10.75 30 days and £16.10 7 days in advance. Not tied to any service, just has to be used on the specified day. e- or m-tickets only. Will make leisure travel on HEx...
  11. cjohnson

    SWT quiz guard

    According to my better half, and a few other acquaintances, there's a guard on SWT suburban services who regularly offers evening commuters a quiz on their way home - mainly a series of "guess the year" questions. Somehow he also manages to put up the questions/answers on the 455s digital...
  12. cjohnson

    Station photos on NRE

    Apologies if this has been covered before... couldn't find it easily on forum or Google search. Whilst browsing through the station info for various stations on on, I noticed that while most have a generic photo of what I think is Waterloo concourse to illustrate the page...
  13. cjohnson

    LO Barking extension

    TfL have launched a consultation on extending the GOBLIN to Barking Riverside:
  14. cjohnson

    London - Cambridge - Strood

    Looking for the cheapest* way to make the following trip this weekend: Friday late afternoon/evening: London-Cambridge Saturday morning: Cambridge-Strood then Strood-London later the same day. Annoyingly there doesn't seem to be an off-peak FCC KGX-CBG fare available. Any thoughts on...
  15. cjohnson

    Wimbledon platform 10

    Noticed that the rarely-used track at Wimbledon platform 10 has recently been lifted - is this in preparation for a second Tramlink platform?
  16. cjohnson

    Delays affecting South West Trains (Friday 25 July)

    Today's problems: Signalling issues blocking 1-4 at Waterloo this morning which reappeared around lunchtime. Now a lightning strike somewhere between Surbiton/Woking has knocked out the signalling so nothing going further than Surbiton.
  17. cjohnson

    Tramlink to Sutton

    According to my local residents' association, TfL are soon to open an official consultation on the proposed Tramlink extension to Sutton. Proposed route would be branching off the existing route from Wimbledon at Morden Road to Rosehill via St Helier then to Sutton. This document from Sutton...
  18. cjohnson

    Newhaven Marine

    Looks like this Saturday (7 July) Newhaven Marine will see a passenger-carrying train (although presumably the 'dangerous' roof means passengers still can't alight there?)
  19. cjohnson

    New route added to London Overground concession from May 2015

    It's been a busy few days on the franchise/concession front...
  20. cjohnson

    Oyster travelcard changeover

    I'm changing jobs shortly and will need a changeover from a zones 2-6 annual to a zones 1-3 annual travelcard and have a few further questions after reading the fares and ticketing guide.... Can this be done at any LU ticket office? Does it complicate matters that the ticket was originally...