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  1. cjohnson

    Buying tickets from London zone boundaries online.

    Was there not already a legal case underway about this (against SWT/R and SE?)
  2. cjohnson

    Future of Newhaven Marine and Harbour Stations?

    The DfT have announced a consultation on plans to formally close Newhaven Marine:
  3. cjohnson

    Carnet tickets

    Expiry is 2 months for SWR's carnets. Looked into it for my partner (who has a part-time commute to London from Ashtead/Leatherhead), but these are the handful of stations where SWR's smartcard (and therefore carnets) is not valid (you are expected to use Southern's key smartcard); even though...
  4. cjohnson

    Bracknell to Canary Wharf

    But everyone else will have the same idea, resulting in large queues for the W&C and potentially Bank DLR being shut if overcrowing persists.
  5. cjohnson

    New NRCoT from 4th December

    That page links to a "'quick reference' guide to the changes":
  6. cjohnson

    Two together on Heathrow Express

    The HEx conditions of carriage states that "advance tickets cannot be used in conjunction with Railcards" (section 3.3). Yet their own site sells "fixed day" tickets that allows railcard discounts to be applied. "Fixed day" tickets do not seem to be defined or mentioned in their CoC.
  7. cjohnson

    Disruption to Southern (and GWR) Services during the SWR strike

    Guildford - Epsom via Dorking isn't a mapped route (and shows as requiring multiple tickets on NRE), and there is nothing on SWR's site suggesting that tickets will be accepted on GWR that way. Similarly there doesn't apear to be any ticket acceptance on the 479 bus that runs between the two.
  8. cjohnson

    Disruption to Southern (and GWR) Services during the SWR strike

    SWR are running an hourly bus service between Effingham Jct and Epsom which should cover some of the missing train services.
  9. cjohnson

    Reliability of existing class 483 stock on IoW railway

    Although the report stating that there was only "a sole passenger" on board at the time doesn't exactly present the line as being a vital infrastructure depended on by hundreds each day...!
  10. cjohnson

    Antisocial behaviour between Godalming & Guildford

    From SWR Twitter this eve:
  11. cjohnson

    Leatherhead - Three Bridges

    Thanks - how does one find this "hidden" routeing data? (Is it tucked away on Brfares somewhere?)
  12. cjohnson

    Leatherhead - Three Bridges

    Thanks - it would not be a season ticket if that changes the answer to point 3?
  13. cjohnson

    Leatherhead - Three Bridges

    The better half is likely to be making a number of Leatherhead (LHD) to Three Bridges (TBD) journeys in the future, and ideally would like to keep options flexible in terms of routes or have the option to go via London. However, as there is no Any Permitted fare for this route this doesn't seem...
  14. cjohnson

    TfL Rail Paddington to Reading December 2019

    This is what London Reconnections believed the expected patterns and frequencies to be:
  15. cjohnson

    Fare/best route help Wimbledon Chase to Maidenhead

    Having previously lived nearby Wimbledon Chase, I would usually walk into Wimbledon. Traffic along Kingston Road towards the Merton Park tram crossing in the morning (and back along Hartfield Road) meant that the buses could take the same time or longer; and Thameslink at the time was not the...
  16. cjohnson

    Why do you need a smartphone for a 26-30 railcard?

    The app displays a QR-style code, and the FAQs state that it will work offline but only provided the device has connected to the internet within the past 24 hours. There also seems to be provision for the railcard to be “blocked” if suspicious activity is detected, so presumably there is some...
  17. cjohnson

    ECML all stop (09/03/19 1430) - passengers egressed from broken down train

    Has there ever been a successful (or even attempted) prosecution for doing so?
  18. cjohnson

    "£100m" claim launched against TOCS re: Boundary zone tickets

    From the Evening Standard:
  19. cjohnson

    Thames Branch Day Ranger and Acton Main Line

    So in theory it is also valid on Chiltern from West Ealing (in combination with another ticket to South Ruislip or beyond...?!)
  20. cjohnson

    Annual ticket / refund or Monthly- which is cheaper?

    That can’t be right, can it? SWR say DR is based on 1/464th of the cost of an annual, and 1/40th of a monthly. That gives a small premium to a shorter ticket when calculating delay repay but nowhere near double as far as I can make out.