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  1. Krispo

    The Great Railcard Catch-22?

    I've noticed some on Merseyside tend to have the "clocks" on the machines set to run around 8 minutes fast, presumably for the purpose of railcard holders etc.
  2. Krispo

    Validity of Super Off-Peak LM Only

    I used one of these a few weeks ago and had no problems using it at all on the Saturday. The member of ticket office staff at Limey that served me had good knowledge of the ticket as well.
  3. Krispo

    Best/worse thing you have won?

    I won 2nd price (£50) ona Pathfinder Tour's Mersey Mancunian railtour back in January this year. I was dancing on the ceiling!
  4. Krispo

    GM Day Ranger

    Yep, you read it correctly. It just depends on the ability/attitude of whoever is serving at Rice Lane. I never considered buying it at Kirkby if i can't at Rice Lane.
  5. Krispo

    GM Day Ranger

    I'm doing one of these tomorrow, but I live outside of the area. Will I be able to buy my GMDR (along with regular ticket to the boundary, Orrell in my case) at my local station (Rice Lane)?
  6. Krispo

    Inter City-only stations

    Apart from 1 service a week half of the year: Runcorn.
  7. Krispo

    Railway accidents

    I've been on an 87 which was bricked years back, a Voyager which did an emergancy stop and a 323 which started rolling away while it was stopped in a station with the doors open.
  8. Krispo

    A quick question regarding NCOC

    Bugger, I was looking at around 5 or 6 o'clock tomorrow and it was coming up ok. Ah well, never mind. Thanks anyway.
  9. Krispo

    A quick question regarding NCOC

    Tomorrow I'm off on a jolly to London, I'm considering coming back via Derby (I live in Liverpool) which according to is valid. However, my question is if a train I am on is late/canceled meaning that I'll miss my connection, is it the TOC's responsibility to get me home...
  10. Krispo

    Places to visit and shops around London Euston

    Here is a map of Euston Station which may be of some help.
  11. Krispo

    Simple question

    What if the guard of the next train is unaware of the cancellation?
  12. Krispo

    Virgin FC Lounge Time Restrictions

    Can you use them at your destination?
  13. Krispo

    Virgin to trial First Class breakfast on weekends

    Gutted, I'm on the 0719 from Liverpool a week on saturday in FC. no brekkie for me :( Sandwiches are free from the shop though aren't they?
  14. Krispo

    Using the return part first.

    Some people throw tickets away after they have used them though.
  15. Krispo

    WSMR and Birmingham Stations

    Would a London - Liverpool ticket be valid on WSMR to Tame Bridge? then would I be able to get a train to New Street and onto Lime Street?
  16. Krispo

    Food & drink freebies in FC

    Who gives what?
  17. Krispo

    SIX x Footex's Tomorrow - Virgin 90+stock?

    I've heard that WB65 had to have an exam or some maintenance, so all the reliefs where Pendos
  18. Krispo

    VT Weekend First Class

    What will I get complimentary in FC on the 0547 from Lime Street tomorrow, I know there wont be a cooked meal, obviously. But things like sandwiches from the shop, are they complimentary?
  19. Krispo

    VT Weekend First Class

    Righto, thanks.
  20. Krispo

    VT Weekend First Class

    I thought the Weekend First upgrade was only valid on a specific train, I didn't realise it was flexible.