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    The railways number of employees at its height

    Does anyone know what the highest number of railway employees was? I assume under BR in the glory days of steam, just prior to Mr Beeching..... I'm asking this because of the current figure that the UK govt is currently "paying the wages" of like 25% of the country got me thinking that back in...
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    Steam Locos and Turntables/ Wyes

    Do any of the main terminals have anything close these days? Say a steam train runs into Euston, how far does it need to travel to be pointing back north?
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    Wood turning

    Has anyone ever done any of this? I'm fancying a go at making my own treadle powered lathe and was wondering if anyone had done similar. Advice/thoughts?
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    Going to be starting for FLHH next month, just wondering if I will have to have another medical for the PTS even though I just did one for FL? Any ideas?
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    Freightliner Trainee Driver Course - Nov 18

    Has anyone recently gone through one of their Heavy Haul training courses? Does anyone know a rough breakdown of the learning process, intro/rules/traction etc? Still can't believe I've got a contract in my hand, and just looking for some more info. Cheers, J
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    Freightliner Medical

    Has anyone got confirmation of a medical on Friday in Stockport? Is anyone able/want to swap my late pm appointment for earlier in the day? I'll make it if I have to, but it screws up the rest of my day with transport etc. FL say they will switch if someone else wants to, but they won't do the...