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    Trivia: Small villages with a very frequent bus service

    Crockey hill and Deighton (Outside York). has 4 buses per hour in each direction
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    Trivia: Nearest station you haven't used?

    Ulleskelf and Hammerton Been through them both but never boarded or alighted from them.
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    What do you think are the ugliest buses ever built?

    The transit van derivatives that were used during the mid to late 80's
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    Furthest you can go on a bus day/season ticket

    Explorer Northeast ticket valid between Scarborough and Berwick.
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    TRIVIA: Train length equal to platform number

    York platform 3, 3 car 185 platform 5, 5 car voyager
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    York to Fieberbrunn (Austria) as part of a School trip 26 hours with a break for the Ferry Plus a couple of 30min comfort stops and.
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    Worst " Bus war"?

    In the early 2000's there was competition between Arriva and HCT on the York to Selby route, with HCT using The "Selby and district" name (the name that Arriva formerly used)
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    Bus Routes With Inaccurate Destinations (Or Could Destinations That Could Be Improved/ Renamed)

    First Yorks route 4 & 5 could have the Acomb destination edited to show which route it takes.
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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    Halfway house. Two Ball Lonnen.
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    (TRIVIA) Most indirect through train

    Leeds to Manchester Victoria via the Caldervale line Sheffield to York via the Dearne Valley. Summer Saturdays. London to Scarborough.
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    Trivia: most circuitous route between 2 stations on same line

    South shields to North Shields
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    End of the station's word!

    Edgecliff (Sydney )
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    Most Hated Bus

    The transit van conversions that appeared in the mid 80s during de-regulation.
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    Northern Pacer Withdrawals - Info?

    Caught a snap of todays (05/01) movement at York. With a class 195 thrown in as well.
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    Trivia: Stations with no scheduled services passing through non-stop

    Poppleton, Hammerton, Cattal, Knaresborough, Starbeck, Harrogate. Malton, Seamer, Selby, Beverley, Driffield.
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    Trivia: Just for fun -Rail stations named after body parts.

    Bank Foot, on the Tyne and Wear metro
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    Have TPE finally given up on the Scarborough service

    I've rarely seen a Scarborough (even Middlesbrough) TPE service run on time in the past year. Yet the media say naff all about it.They seem to slag off Northern all the time.
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    Trivia: Bus routes that run in the morning peak only

    First York: Service 200 Askham bar to James Street Via Acomb and City centre I don't know if this counts: Service 10A, two journeys early morning only in one direction, but is only a slight deviation of the main number 10.
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    passenger confusion over trains going to similar sounding destinations

    Blackburn you have trains calling at Mills hill (bound for Rochdale) and Mill Hill (bound for Preston). Cumbrian coast line you have Dalston and Dalton on the same route.
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    Trivia: Quantity of TOCs between two stations

    Leeds to York with 4 TPE Cross Country Northern LNER (1 service each way)