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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    If you had any sniff of an interviewer and you didn’t research the company/franchise and what they are all about etc you may as well not turn up. In my opinion knowing the company is essential to any success at any stage, including application. Learn from experience and all that !
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    Transport for Wales trainee train drivers

    I’d probably disagree with the armed forces one etc, when leaving you find your skills aren’t really recognised. I know this isn’t the topic but I had been turned down every time with TfW even though I’m ex armed forces with plenty of relatable skills. I agree with the later of your post...
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    Freightliner Various Trainee Drivers

    I was a touch baffled to not find it on their careers page. Not that I’ll be applying but I like to keep my eye on what’s happening elsewhere ! I even sorted by all careers but it seems you must apply via that external link with the code provided...strange !
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    Perfect stuff. Thanks mate.
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    TFW (Trainee Train Driver Cardiff and Chester_

    What’s the sketch with trainees now ? Or any idea what’s happening in the near future ? That’s for trainees already in the business and potential joiners in the future.
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    Advice to go from army to operative roll in rail industry

    I know you’re looking North West but Break Point, business run by one of the guys off SAS programme on the tv, have teamed up with a rail firm to take on ex forces guys and girls in the South of England, hopefully they will fly further afield if it’s successful. Check it out. I’m ex army and...
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    DB Cargo - Truth Hurts

    The hardest part is getting through the initial paper sift, sometimes there are 100’s of applications for a minimal amount of roles. Don’t let it dampen your chances and just keep applying for anything and everything that pops up !
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    dB apprenticeship trainee drivers

    I can’t comment on the shift patterns but for my depot shifts can start at any time between 0001 and 2359 in a day, there is no set early, late or night shift patterns, just as and when the train will run. There is no timeframe to progress, you will move up as and when the vacancies arise, no...
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    Trainee driver's with TFW

    Anybody apply for this ?
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    Colas trainee driver Dunbar.

    I’ll be surprised if anyone does hear anything, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a reply !
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    Colas trainee driver Dunbar.

    If you do apply, don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive a response, they seem notorious for that !
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    Is it worth it??

    Freight is volatile, but take no chance and reap no benefit. There will always be uncertainty in every line of work these days but I think rail freight are that strapped for drivers currently, you wouldn’t go a miss jumping into it at this point, once they build up the amount they require, I can...
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    Who is the better FOC company to work apply for

    That’s absolutely how I approach everything, people always talk of the negatives but never highlight a positive ! It’s just the way most people are these days. I can’t wait to start
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    Who is the better FOC company to work apply for

    I’m starting with DB in a matter of days and all that I’m reading isn’t satisfying ones mind ! However, with only 1 TOC and 1 FOC who actively recruit within a 60 minute radius, I don’t really have much choice where I’m living ! I’m sure there are ups and downs but anything beats lugging copious...
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    That’s going to rock the boat with some ! Perhaps it’s just any further recruitment but the ones who have contracts are still on to start ?
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    it took them a little while post phone call to send over the emails etc, the date is 100% guaranteed though
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    Freightliner Various Trainee Drivers A few postcodes in there for people wanting to apply
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    Yes, MMI as well
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    Experiences of Network Rail Recruitment

    From my experience, i applied for any and every job that I fitted the criteria for, having just left the forces and their commitment to hiring ex armed forces personnel, i didn’t even see an interview. From talking to others, it’s normally the contractors who get the first shouts at any...
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    Junior Driver - DB Cargo UK

    No paperwork, it will probably take a week or so to get that in place and will be by post, from what I’ve been told.