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    Changing at Reading - and other topics...

    Rather than derail the Class 800 thread in the Traction and Rolling Stock Forum any further I thought I'd start this new thread to continue the discussions on connections and traffic at Reading and leave the Class 800 thread to concentrate on the hardware. I apologise for the slight, it wasn't...
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    Privatisation status of DB

    Mod - split from this thread. To your last point, DB AG is not semi-privatised, the shares are owned 100% by the Federal Republic. See, for example, this link to the DB's website
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    Acton Yard diveunder

    For the last two or three weeks it seems as if the diveunder taking the Great Western's Up Relief line under the entrance to Acton Yard has been out of use. Does anyone know if this is the case and, if the answer is 'yes', what has happened?
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    Thameslink and Crossrail - comparisons with S-Bahn and RER

    There have been several threads concerning the trains and the service to be offered by both Thameslink and Crossrail. In both cases comparisons have been made to the S-Bahn operations in Germany and similar services in other cities in Europe such as the RER in Paris - the suggestions often being...