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    Transport For Wales Livery 158826 in Transport for Wales livery, as yet unbranded, on the Cambrian line near Welshpool.
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    97302 passing 97303 57313 and 57601 at Newtown, on The Cambrian.

    This doesn't happen often on The Cambrian in daylight.
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    46100 royal scot

    Went out for Royal Scot at Penmaenmawr yesterday.
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    Look what just turned up on the Cambrian. This was the first visit of Colas Rail locos to the Cambrian.
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    Look what just turned up on the Cambrian.

    Apology accepted. Lol.
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    Look what just turned up on the Cambrian.

    The lines here are bi directional. the locos are not ERTMS fitted, but don't need to be when running under an engineers possession, running to a 15 mph speed limit.
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    Look what just turned up on the Cambrian.

    First time for Freightliner ?
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    Updates to my Flckr site.

    Most recently 37682 and 37419 with 57302 in North Wales.. Steam Railmotor at Southall and Colas 60 at Ealing Broadway, etc etc.
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    20308 and 20309 TNT 10 x new FNA flask wagons.

    Was lucky enough to get this today,
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    Elr Deisel Gala 4+5/07/14

    Mine are here. Hope you like. The mimi cheddars are better than when I tried the chocolate digestives, they just looked stupid.
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    Just Trains SECML

    Hi folks, I am trying to get an "AI" train ( Thompson class 170) to run northwards towards Dundee. No matter where I start it from, or where I finish it, it always gets stuck at Markinch platform 2. Any ideas ?
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    Cambrian 97 and 37

    Photographed in an absolute downpour, makes a differance from theusual "full sun" shots.
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    Svr Deisel Gala 4+5/10/13

    Was a good day Neil, here are my efforts
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    Llangollen 60s Gala 27/07/13

    Also more pics here.
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    Accident at Welshpool (16 July 2013)

    Pic of the damaged unit being returned to Shrewsbury Abbey Foregate this evening.
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    three grids out on the Marchers Line today.

    My attempts at todays two log trains are here 56087 + 56302 56094
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    Welsh Mountain Statesman 25/5/13

    Got it on the way back at Cilcewydd, 97303 and 97304 triple heading with 57316. ( The first visit of a 57/3 to the Cambrian)
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    91007 - James Bond set

    I thought it had lost its livery ?
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    Duchess and black five on the S&C and Shap

    Went out for the duchess and black five yesterday on the S & C and on Shap. Some other shots of the Chirk logs etc mixed in with them. 46233 at Birkett Common 46233 at Greenholm...
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    Flickr Changes - Not for the better

    The really annoying thing for me with the new layout is, my collections and sets. Previously I had them arranged in alphanumeric order ( as you would ), but now they just appear with the most recently modified first.