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    Fatal crash on the Rhine Valley route In the vicinity of Auggen

    A BLS rollende landstrasse has hit a a fallen concrete section of a bridge under construction. The driver was killed and two other fatalities are reported. (Not quoted as it is in...
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    ‘a coach becoming uncoupled on this train earlier today’

    Yesterday the 17:43 Norwich service was announced as running late at Sheffield due to ‘a coach becoming uncoupled on this train earlier today’ looking at RTT it was 13 mins late leaving Liverpool and progressively lost time but with no big jumps that you would expect if something had happened to...
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    Delay Repay with an SY Travelmaster

    I put in my first ever delay repay claim just before Christmas, with Northern. I was travelling from Meadowhall to Sheffield and the train arrived in Sheffield 15.5 minutes late according to RTR. In theory a simple claim, but I was using an annual SY Travelmaster ticket. On the Northern form I...
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    Hacker reverse engineers First's ticket app
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    Travelling in London with children

    we are going spend a couple of days in London as a family. My wife and I were planning to use contactless debit card but I can’t work out how it works for our kids (8 and 10). The TfL site has information about Zip Oystercards, but it’s too late to get them. It also talks about kids going free...
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    Not a job on the railway as such, but rail related -Train enthusiast for care job

    Train enthusiast for care job
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    What is the difference between an officer and servant (specifically in RORA) Do any of the rail staff consider yourselves servants?
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    Child fares on cross London transfers

    As children travel free in London, are child tickets from outside to outside involving a cross London transfer cheaper than half the equivalent adult price?
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    RPIs checking car parks

    Just seen a team of EMT RPIs who had come from Sheffield and were awaiting a return train at chesterfield checking cars in the short stay car park and having a word with a lady parked on a double yellow. Thought it was an interesting use of some down time.
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    Badly worded Northern survey

    I've just been filling in a survey on a Northern train which makes several references to more seats on trains. Now I'm assuming that they are actually talking about longer or more frequent trains, but I voted that I wanted fewer seats because I'm in a bench seated 142 with a smaller seat pitch...
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    Query on Regulation of Railways Act 1889 original version

    The original version of the Act (or the web version which says it is the original version as enacted) says this: I assume that 'mate' is a typo? It says 'make' in the latest version.
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    Metronom train hits stuck bendybus in Buxtehude Hedendorf

    Yesterday (Wednesday) a bendybus carrying school children became stuck on a level crossing in Buxtehude Hedendorf, Germany after a safety device that immobilises the bus if it turns to sharply to prevent the flexible connection getting damaged or the rear of the bus separating kicked in as the...
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    Buttons on inner ends of 317s

    As built, the 317s had a button on the inner end of the some of the coaches. This was a rubber covered button of the same design (but only a single, not a double) as the door opening/closing ones next to the doors. Does anyone know what this was for? Edit: actually, I may be misremembering, it...
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    Bridge strike at Newcraighall

    Something has give a bridge a good whack at Newcraighall in Edinburgh. Looks to be the bridge just north of the station on the A6095 Newcraighall Road. Pics on Twitter from Network Rail. The Tweet was at 02:13 today, but the pics are in daylight, so possibly it happened yesterday Scotrail...
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    Genesee and Wyoming set to take over Freightliner

    US based short line operator Genesee and Wyoming look set to take over Freightliner Although they are a short line operator, they own lots of them and...
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    Delay repay query, split ticket multiple TOCS

    My sister and I were recently delayed travelling back from Lancaster to Chesterfield I had bought returns Chesterfield-Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Piccadilly-Lancaster from EMT We were due to catch a TPE train from Lancaster to Manchester, but it was cancelled. We ended up catching a...
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    Ticket advice - Chesterfield - Lancaster

    My sister and myself are travelling from Chesterfield to Lancaster and return on the 16th Jan (a Friday) We need to be there about 13:00 and leave at about 17:00. The Off-Peak Return at £43.60 is looking the best bet as I can't find any simple advances and we could do with being flexible on the...
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    How to confuse passengers

    EMT seem have recently added automated announcements about splitting trains to their system. I noticed recently that there is an issue with the way the sections are spliced together, one section has coaches as the last word, the next section has coaches as the first word. Today, When announcing...
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    Strange guy on London Midland train

    Earlier this summer I travelled on a LM train from Tamworth to Rugely TV. As well as the guard who came round checking tickets, there was a guy passing up and down the train who looked like he was acting as a sort of security guard. He had a camera mounted on his shoulder and one on his head...
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    Reported for prosecution by Northern for fraud

    I was talking to an ex colleague today and mentioned that her 17 year old daughter had been reported for prosecution by Northern for fraud. Obviously this is third hand, but from what I gather this is what happened She lives in Chapeltown and goes to college in Castleford. She has been buying...