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    Trainpal - “no trains available”

    I’m trying to gauge pricing for July/August for Kings Cross to Inverness returns but I am getting a nil response. The only tickets are a max of about ten days ahead. Giving a price of approx £370 for two standard returns! Help please
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    Value for money in refund of Annual Travelcard when there are only 3 months validity remaining

    Moderator note: Split from Advice please. I have just submitted my refund application to GA for my paper point to point ticket which was pretty simple. I am now investigating my girlfriend’s season ticket which is different to...
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    Platform info change on LO

    I notice this week we have new platform train indicators that no longer indicate the length of the train. Is this an “enhancement” or an error? Note:They didn’t seems to be able to reflect the operational truth but were probably linked to the proposed timetable
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    Avanti on-board upgrade weekdays

    I was just awaiting the delays 11:15 Manchester Picc service to Euston when I overheard a passenger talking to a train dispatcher. He was asking what the upgrade price was on board. The chap replied that sometimes it can be £50 or if they are busy the full price like £200 Does anyone know...
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    Changing an advance ticket

    My friend had a Chiltern advance fare single Leamington to Marylebone. He approached the ticket office to change the ticket (expecting a £10 admin fee) however was told that as it was bought via Trainline (yes I know I told him) then they couldn't do this and he would have to do it with them...
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    Does anyone else have one of these departure board displays? I received the desktop version for Christmas and wanted to know about hints and tips etc
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    Avanti West Coast issues

    Ive been reading a lot of Twitter complaints over the last few days about reservation systems failing and chaos on the line. I normally look forward to my trip up to Glasgow on Xmas eve as it feels like the start of the holiday. I'm now dreading it, we have a few bags and was looking forward...
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    Watford Junction to Euston zero excess?

    i have a ticket from Kidderminster to Watford Junction. I would now like to go on to Euston; iirc the fare was the same to the two destinations. Does this mean I can ask at Kidderminster station for a zero fare excess to Euston?
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    Mansion House siding

    I used Mansion House station yesterday for the first time in a long time. I was surprised to the see the tracks lifted on Platform 2; am I mistaken but weren't they there in the recent past? I like looking at the prehistoric buffer at the end of the platform.
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    Could there be a new station on the outskirts of Peterborough?

    My other half owns a house in Peterborough and she says she heard a rumour there might be a new station proposed for? Anybody have any info in this please?
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    LO West Anglia

    i was under the impression that this line would be seeing new rolling stock in May this year. Does anyone have any information on the latest ETA please?
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    Virgin Trains at Stockport say I should miss my connection to buy a ticket

    A report from a friend this evening... “Ticket office at handforth closed at 16:15 on a Tuesday, ticket machine still broke ( week 3) five revenue officers on platform, can I buy a ticket? No buy it in the train, no guard arrives by the time I get to stockport (6 minutes to my connecting...
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    Address formation

    Following on from the Bedford debate it got me thinking about my address and what has become a running joke at work. I live in Cheshunt, Herts (from the Bedford thread it is considered East of England in all the questionnaires I complete for BA points). When I complete an online form with my...
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    BOJ Virgin East Coast

    Journey required KGX = London King's Cross NCL = Newcastle EDB = Edinburgh Waverley KGX - NCL Friday 23/2 NCL - EDB Saturday 24/2 EDB - KGX Sunday 25/2 Now apart from the fact only the Friday fares have been released; I was under the impression that break of journey (BOJ) were only ok on the...
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    Kings Cross - Newcastle - Edinburgh: Any tips on ticket options?

    Hi, I have a couple of events I'm attending in February. Travelling from Kings Cross on Friday 23rd I would like to get to Newcastle after leaving just after really lunch, say 1pm. On the Saturday (24th) morning say 10:30am I would like to travel to Edinburgh (haymarket eventually). I then...
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    The Railway Touring Co. - Cumbrian Coast

    Just a note to say if anyone is considering one of the above trips we did the Cumbrian Coast trip yesterday and the whole day was excellently run and a memorable day.
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    Reserving extra seats

    Apologies I'm sure this has been covered, I did do a search but obviously an unsuccessful one. Scenario Let's pick Virgin East Cost Four First Class seats booked around a table but only two actually travelling. Done to ensure they have the table to themselves. I believe the...
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    National Rail Enquiries App

    Has anyone else noticed that sometime in the nit too distant past the app changed slightly and result being you can't see half of the time data returned in a search? E.g 08:.... London Kings Cross 11:.... Eaglescliff Makes it really annoying
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    Why I prefer paid for food, rather than complimentary food, on flights

    Faster? Current reports are that staff can't get round a third full plane on journeys of 1.5 hours and that if you do get your food you'll be lucky to get a drink with it as you have to wait for them to come around again. Reports of 45 mins wait for the drink are being reported.
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    Waverley to Haymarket

    I'm on the 10:30 ex Kings Cross to Waverley. My ticket is to Edinburgh* and the TM said it was valid to Haymarket. However I've just looked at train times and there are plenty of options but I didn't ask him about TOC validity. Any clues folks?