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    Train Sim help

    Hi all hoping for some help I have recently downloaded the GWR 143 reskin and since then when I load any scenarios I get like a laser beam and firework display any one able to help please ?
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    Train Simulator help required

    So over the last 24 hours I have been encountering problems ( my train throttle and brake controls haven’t been showing ) I uninstalled all my TS DLC on steam and it eventually fixed it however on scenarios where I could hang my head out of the HST that view now shows it sat in first class...
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    Can I claim Delay repay from more than one TOC ?

    I had a first class Advance ticket valid from Glasgow - Accrington. I travelled on the 1840 from Glasgow to Preston ( booked to arrive 2056 ) it arrived 2129. My 2144 train from Preston to Accrington was cancelled therefore I got the 2157 ended up getting to Accrington 25 minutes late. As...
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    Northern rejected my delay repay and appeal

    hoping someone can help me out here guys and gals on Thursday 19th March four of us travelled on Advance 1st class tickets from Edinburgh - Accrington our booked intenary was as follows 1840 depart Glasgow arrive Preston 2056 depart Preston 2144 arrive Accrington 2210 but the 2144 from Preston...
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    Avanti West Coast FC Experience 19/03/20

    So I had my first Avanti FC experience yesterday - Thursday 19th March so here’s my take on it Boarded the 0815am Preston - Glasgow service ( 0531 ex Euston ) it was Pendino 390 002 the carriage is no different to the VTWC days Soon as we left Preston we were offfered juice and tea/coffee...
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    Pubs on the Penistone line Help required

    hi all I am looking to jump on and off the trains sample some of the pubs on the penistone line tommorow from Huddersfield - Sheffield Please could someone post the stations on that line that have a pub or pubs no more than 5mins walk from the train station that are open around 11am onwards...
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    Accommodation near Didcot Parkway?

    I plan on going Didcot Parkway in January I highly recommend the Prince Of Wales pub opposite it does brilliant food and a darn good pint ( anyone else been) ? I stayed at the Railway hotel in Culham very nice it was aswell Does anyone know a decent hotel or B&B within a easy walking distance...
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    Promise To Pay and Day Rangers

    Hi all my nearest station is unstaffed and doesn't have a booking office however it does have a TVM , if I plan on getting a day ranger if I get a Promise To Pay Ticket to the nearest station with a booking office do I have to pay for that journey aswell or would it be valid to get me through...
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    Train Simulator 2018 Routes and Trains disappearing

    Hi all today over the weekend i have tried to play my TS as usual , however I have noticed that my 143's have disappeared and therefore can no longer play any scenarios that involve driving a class 143 and so has the Newcastle to Edinburgh ( Quick Driive Mode) I also cannot drive HST's in...
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    Reskins for VTEC HST and class 91's

    Hi all when I try to open the VTEC reskins it won't do it on my PC as I don't have win zip or Media fire does anyone know how I can download them without Winzip or media fire? Many thanks in advance for any help much appreciated
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    Scotrail Livery HST's Outside Doncaster Wabtec

    Does anyone kindly know the numbers of the two Scotrail livery HST Powercars that were and maybe still are outside Doncaster Wabtech last night Many thanks in advance for any help much appreciated
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    GWR 150122 Transferred to Northern?

    Apologies if it has been mentioned elsewhere but GWR 150122 is currently coupled with 150205 on Manchester Piccadilly - Buxton I didn't know that they had been transferred have any other GWR units gone to Northern ?
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    Blackburn to Glasgow

    This question is mainly aimed at Booking office staff Before the new VTEC website came into effect I used to buy a first class advance (with senior railcard ) on their website travelling on the 0723 fom Blackburn and 0815 from Preston to Glasgow the mixing deck always did and still does use...
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    Season Ticket Edinburgh Waverley - Edinburgh Park

    Pleaae could some one kindly let me know how much a weekly ticket is for the train from Edinburgh Waverley - Edinburgh Park and also would I be allowed to exit at Haymarket ? I'm in Edinburgh for the weekend but think a weekly ticket might be cheaper than getting returns Many thanks in...
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    66604 Engine Blown

    A DRS driver I know has just rescued 66604 at Slaithwaite after it blew its engine while working 6M22 Hunslet - Tunstead Cement he had 66426 to rescue it
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    Freedom Of The South West Rover

    I go down the South West twice a year , and always use a 8 in 15 day FOSW rover with a railcard it was £72 or £76 and its now £91 with a railcard or £139 without Such a increase of around £20 makes me no longer want to do that as I think fares in the South West are very cheap especially in...
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    Not a great start: All services south of Preston suspended (07/02)

    All services south of Preston suspended till further notice ( probably a few hours) due to someone being hit at Skew Bridge Junction emergency services are at the scene
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    Eastleigh Yard

    Apologies if this comes across as a silly question but I have not been for many a year and I'm not familiar with the place I pan to travel to Eastleigh with a Freedom Of South West Rover if the weather is bad I intend to have a few bees in the Wetherspoon pub across the road ( I believe you get...
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    TPE class 350

    This morning I travelled first class on a 350 from Preston to Manchester Piccadilly but OMG the seats in first class are awful they are that far back and slanted its like being on a sunbed !! There was no obvious solution to pull it forward even the trolley guy said there isn't Anybody else...
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    Northern 158's Problems

    Northern 158's are suffering with problems of late , newly refurbished 158752 failed on its first day in service , other 158's have had problems On Thursday as I was going Chesterfield the 0655 from Blackburn formed of 158757 the leading carriage had no lights so was locked out of service...