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    Bomb Proof Train

    According to the BBC Newcastle University have developed a 'bomb proof' train: I'm no expert on these things, and look forward to being corrected by people with more knowledge, but my understanding is that if the force of the explosion is kept...
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    Split Ticket (Finishing Short) Delay Compensation Query

    Fairly academic really because I'm not going to put a claim in but I have a question. Travelled from Station A - Station B and return today and was delayed by over 1 hour on the outward journey. Not wanting to pay £xx.xx for a Station A - Station B return I purchased a Station A - Station D...
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    Why are DSB in ATOC?

    What the title says really: Have DSB ever run or been a partner in a UK passenger franchise? The only thing I have found in a search is they were once shortlisted, in association with EWS, to run ICEC.