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    Cross Country trains temporarily not serving Chesterfield

    Since the current situation began, XC have been operating just one train per hour on the Birmingham - North East route. However, for a few weeks now, quite a lot of the journeys are having the stop at Chesterfield omitted. Does anyone know why this is?
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    Easter engineering work, Birmingham - Derby.

    Just noticed on Cross Country's site, NE/SW services between Derby and Birmingham are diverted via Leicester this weekend. The Nottingham stoppers from Birmingham are terminating at Tamworth with bus connections thence to Burton and Derby. What will the procedure be for returning to Birmingham...
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    RPI blitz at Derby this evening.

    I passed through Derby Station this evening just after 1700 and EMR's RPIs were having a peak time blitz. Both entrances, the station front and Pride Park had the gatelines operating with the usual staff in attendance plus RPIs to deal with any irregularities. Also, tickets of intending...
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    Hull Trains Class 802.

    I understand that one set of these trains is now being used in service, does it have a particular diagram? I'm thinking of taking a trip on New Years Day, perhaps on the 0726 from Kings Cross, does anyone know what's likely to be rostered for that?
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    Cross Country cancellations on Saturday evening.

    Saturday last (30th Nov) was quite a bad night for cancellations on XC services, mostly due to "Issues with train crew" according to open data sources. Taking Derby as an example timing point, they were: 1745 Edinburgh - cancelled from Birmingham. 1943 York - cancelled from BHM 2008 Nottingham...
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    New Years Eve on the Tube.

    Does LU still offer free travel on the tube on New Years Eve? If so, what are the hours it is given please?
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    Morpeth Station: how do trains reverse there during engineering works?

    Cross Country services to Edinburgh and beyond have been terminating at Morpeth for a few weekends due to engineering work. Presumably the trains need to be serviced and and crossed for their return journeys and I'm wondering how the procedure is carried out. Does Morpeth have a crossover...
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    Major Disruption, Birmingham - South West, 06/10.

    According to RTT, there were a large number of cancellations between Birmingham and the South West and Cardiff on Sunday 06/10. due to late running engineering work. The first XC service of the day to Cardiff was the 1730. Does anyone know where and what the problem was and what alternatives...
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    EMR's weekend London timetable, 31/8. 1/9.

    Nothing being able to operate through to St. Pancras this weekend, the recommended alternatives are: Sheffield passengers travel via Doncaster or Retford and then LNER services. Nottingham passengers travel via Newark or Grantham and then LNER services. Derby passengers travel via Tamworth or...
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    Reason for delay to the 2224 Sheffield to Manchester (24/08)?

    When my train was pulling into Sheffield on Saturday night at around 2230, I noticed that many people were waiting for the last Hope Valley stopper which hadn't yet arrived in Pl. 2C. Inbound service must be late, I thought - and indeed it was, according to RTT, it lost 40 minutes between New...
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    Strange happening at Tamworth 10/08

    I can't make sense of the RTT report for the 1445 XC service from Cardiff to Nottingham today. On time passing Five Ways at 1642. Departed New Street 50 late. Proof House 96 late Water Orton 82 late Kingsbury 1700 right time Tamworth 1713, 5 late, train terminated due to high winds. I...
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    A case of poor regulation?

    I got the 1430 XC HST service from Derby to Birmingham (and Penzance) this afternoon. It was 10 mins late arriving at Derby and some faffing around in the platform meant it was 14 late departing. Both the 1437 to Cardiff and the 1442 to Crewe were held, side by side, on the Down Slows beyond...
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    Always a problem with these late evening TPE trains from Leeds to Manchester

    Saturday 20th April and I made one of my occasional late night journeys between Leeds and Manchester. I have the choice of the 2325 to Manchester or the 2334 to Man. Airport. Not for the first time, things went wrong. The 2325 is formed of a portion from Middlesbrough and a portion from Hull...
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    EMT's York - St. Pancras service, 22/03.

    According to RTT, this train departed from York on time but was cancelled from Doncaster to St. Pancras due to a 'Problem with the train' However, it apparently ran between Sheffield and St. Pancras, departing at 1900. It's timed to stand 15 minutes in Sheffield on arrival from York. How could...
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    XC Voyager dot-matrix displays.

    Something I noticed for the first time on a Voyager on Saturday evening: The rolling display was giving the time, temperature outside and current speed, all the way from Derby to Birmingham. Is this a new feature? I havn't seen it before. The current speed was interesting with a maximum of 122...
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    Short formed XC HST set.

    The 1325 XC service from Plymouth to Newcastle today was announced at Chesterfield as being 'Formed of six coaches' It was an HST and it was indeed formed of six coaches. I didn't get the number but it seems a Standard carriage has been removed from one of the sets. Does anyone know the...
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    Ticket gatelines at Lincoln.

    I noticed yesterday that Lincoln now has two separate gatelines, one for entering and one for exiting the station. The entry barriers are at the porch where the ticket office and cafe are and the exit barriers are further along the platform next to an arch which opens directly out to the...
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    23/01/19 XC 1V50, 0606 Edinburgh - Plymouth.

    Apologies for being a day late but something happened to this train yesterday and I wondered if anyone may know what. It was slightly late departing from Leeds (0911) and 5 late at the Hemsworth Loop. By the time it passed South Kirkby Junction it was 77mins late and was apparently further...
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    Chasing yellows: when you wonder what the problem is!

    This evening I was at Doncaster waiting for the 1758 XC service to Reading. It was a couple of minutes late but nothing which wasn't recoverable. However, after departure it was slowed past Hexthorpe Sidings by signals at caution and these continued all the way down through Conisborough and...
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    Crewe to Glasgow tomorrow.

    I'll be trying to get from Crewe to Glasgow tomorrow (13 Oct) and I'm getting conflicting information from NRE and Virgin's site. NRE is saying the Glasgow services are cancelled but the Edinburgh services are running as normal, change at Carlisle for Glasgow. Virgin are showing a three hour...